Laundry Soap

Here you will find posts about my 
LAUNDRY SOAP & the recipe!
I have been making it for years!
Try making a batch! You will love it!

My very first batch of LAUNDRY SOAP I made 7 years ago!
Read all about it and get the recipe HERE

I love making my own laundry soap!
I have now shared this recipe with hundreds of happy people!
Read more … HERE

I love using a drying rack!
I dry all my delicates. Sun kissed!
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 I have packaged up my laundry soap and 
have sold it at marketplaces! So fun meeting bloggers!
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Use vinegar in your rinse cycle!
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I make my own lavender laundry sachets! HERE

My laundry soap in print!
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A Helping Hand(Paw)!
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 Making Laundry Soap Outside!
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Fun facts about making LAUNDRY SOAP!
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