Here you will find my "chicken dairies" about a handful of chickens 
I have had and others I am currently raising.
I love raising chickens! 

I have raised 2 flocks now.
I am a backyard chicken mama and loving it!

My flock is tiny at the moment. I had two others in this flock 
but they ended up on a free~range farm close by 
due to being over aggressive.
All is well in the coop again!

I have 3 sweet Rhode Island Reds at the time.
They lay everyday no matter the season,
so I have plenty of eggs to share!

Their names are,
Sadie, Daisy & Myrtle.

 Fresh Hard "STREAMED" Eggs!
Perfectly peeled every time!
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The making of a chicken coop!
Yes, my coop & run are among palm trees and 
a pool in sunny Southern California!
Come see the beginnings!
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Inside the coop that hubby built!
A divided area where I can sit too!
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The Little Chicken Run!
Chickens all in a row!
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Grandson Ridge & The Chickens!
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Grandson Asher & The Chickens!
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 Chicken Treat Recipe!
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These eggs are "Made With Love"!
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 Love At First Site! 
Baby Chicks!
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First Egg!
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 Chicken Treat Center!
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Frozen Treat Ring for Chickens!
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Chickens Love Yogurt! 
And it's good for them!
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Learn How to Grow Sprouts
Dinner for Chickens!
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 The First Egg!
Who laid it?
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BROODER ~ A Playpen! 
 I will use a playpen again when it's time for new chicks!
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Hand Feed
A good thing!
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First Day Outside! 
Dog Playpen Turned Upside Down 
for a couple hours outside!
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Temporary Coop ~ Dog Playpen 
Waiting for the coop to be completed!
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 A Sweet Visit From a Wounded Dove!
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Wire,  Wood & Crochet
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Summertime Laying in a Basket!
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 Visiting With The Chickens!
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 Freezing Fresh Eggs
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Pest Control Herbs for Nesting Boxes!
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