Friday, March 31, 2017

Just Like Grandma Sadie

It seems a lot that I do in my life,
mirrors my Grandmother Sadie's life.
She was a true~blue farm girl and I loved
everything she did when growing up.

Her favorite song was AMAZING GRACE and it has become my favorite too.
I have a music box that I play in my car.
I play it all the time when driving.

Grandma Sadie taught me at her knee, and
introduced me to Jesus.
I can hear her saying …
"Maryjane, say Thank You Jesus!"
I am grateful for her sweet teachings
that are a part of me in my daily walk.
Recently hubby and I had a 8 ft. custom~made farm-table made.
It seats 10~12 people.

Can't wait to have Easter family dinner on it!
We bought these huge & heavy Lazy Susan's made out of a wine barrel!
Family dinners won't be the same!!! 

Cleaned out the chicken coop today and tomorrow the chicken run!
Miss Sadie loves her clean digs!
Yes, she is named after Grandma Sadie!
On a sad note, our sweet hen Daisy passed a couple days ago.
Sigh … I am truly missing this sweet gal.
Never knew one could love a chicken as I do her.

I am preparing for some new chicks this week.
Look at this darling Raggedy Ann!
Her name is Sue Bea.
She over~sees my daily activities in my sewing room each day!
My friend Deb at Wildoberry Farms created her.
I made a little crocheted blanket for my little 4 lb. Sammie dog.
Grandma Sadie loved to crochet too!
I have been busy making these Easter cards! 
Gotta love vintage style!
Recently I refilled the pantry with "cookies in a jar".
Easy to make, and perfect to bake up when family or friends drop by!
Of course I had to make a batch right then!
The purse cookie jar reminds me to Grandma Sadie too!
Her favorite color was yellow.

RECIPES to make several COOKIES in a JAR are
So proud of this handsome Grandson Mark!
He will be leaving soon to serve the Lord with a 2 year mission to
Lima, Peru!
How blessed he is to serve in Peru and the people with love him!
We sure do!
Great is Thy Faithfulness!

Have a blessed day!
(eggs provided by Daisy & Sadie)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Busy at The Beehive Cottage

"Got chicken in the oven and chicken on the stove!"

I have this little stove in my craft room,
 and it makes me giggle everyday! 

I always have something "cook'in" here!
Am I the only one that thinks MARCH got here super fast?!
I bet not!
Love this time of the year.

As I was thinking how I would make my March monthly marker,
I thought these blue bird card set go well together.

I have been busy making card sets! 
Oh my, and having fun making them. 
Of course I had to share a "selfie" pic of my Valentine leggings & cookies from last month!
My dining room is empty for 4 more weeks as we wait for
our custom built 8 ft. farm-table!
Bucket of Nails in Fallbrook, CA is making it.
What a wonderful family owned business.
Can't wait to show it to you!
I put a couple of the yoyo pincushions I made
 on this miniature chair in my craft room.
They look like little retro pillows!
This is the calm "after" the storm!
A couple weeks ago we had a full week here in CA of pretty harsh rainy weather.
We got it all, oh my!

Daisy & Sadie are glad that's over!
This is the life of a chicken mama!
I love my girls.
This is where the madness goes on while making card sets
for my Etsy shop in my craft room.

I SEW on each graphic!
This card set is made from my personal pictures of my sweet hens eggs & drying rack!
Aren't those eggs pretty?!

I named the card set "The Kathleen Collection" 
after a dear friend.
Do you have a favorite?!
Below is one of my favorites!

Wishing you a wonderful day and thanks bunches for visiting!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Off to a Good Start

Someday I am going to print out a book for each year I have blogged!
This March makes 9 years.

Today I took this sweet picture of my hens eggs. LOVE.
I need to make cards out of this picture.

February is here, and I am off to a good start!
Below is a bowlful of my favorite buttons.
Do you spy a little "Scottie dog"?

This sweet lavender sachet I have in my little trailer.
Is so reminds me of my darling Grandmother Sadie who was a true~blue farmgirl from Missouri.

I carry her farmgirl love in my heart!  
A little crocheted hen I have in my hen house.
A sweet reminder to enjoy the simple things.
Hubby made me a screen door for the coop. 
I love it!

He wanted to know if I wanted the wood painted white,
but I decided to let nature take care of the finishing touches!
I finally got my quilt hung up that should have been done 3 years ago!
The pattern of the quilt 
is called "Fenced Flowers"
by Lori Holt @ Bee in my Bonnet.

It brightens my sewing room!
So far I have had a busy week creating.
Below I gifted dear friend Janine @ Girl Camper with these!

She will be adding them to her darling camper.
Potholder, pincushion, dishclothes and a set of gift cards.
Fun, fun!
I made a few sets of diaper burp pads and donated them to my ward Relief Society.
They are to be given out when new babies arrive!

A fast & easy project.
As written in my bio, I am a barefoot, apron & legging wearing …
wife, mama, grandma, etc.

My daughter Heidi sales LulaRoe,
so that will tell you right there, I have a closetful of colorful & happy things!
I have my family room mantle ready for Presidents Day!
I am thinking I may keep it like this for quite a while.

Home, Sweet, Home. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

New Year Filled with Ideas

December came and went,
and boy was it a busy one!

We had all our family here because my Granddaughter Ashley got married!
A sweet picture of her and Jacob await you near the end of this post.

One of my favorite finds so far this year
is this
darling quilted top piano bench from a vintage quilt!
I have it in my sewing room and I use it as a coffee table and a foot rest ... or bottom rest!

One of my favorite people is darling Janine Pettit!
She is the host of "Girl Camper" Podcast, fellow Sisters on the Fly sister, glamper, has thousands of social media followers,
and her theme is "Going places, doing things!"
She is so much fun!

She gifted me with this Girl Camper t~shirt & mug set, 
and I love it!
I am a Happy Camper!

Thank You Janine!

My favorite cookie in the world are these Cream Wafers!

This is the recipe I typed out and added to our FAMILY COOKBOOK
I made each of my daughters years ago.
Daughter Tiffani makes these and sends me them from Colorado!

Here is the recipe if you want to bake some!

It sure has been cold and rainy here in California!

These heart hand~warmers for my pockets have come in handy!
I made them as Christmas gifts.
They are made of cotton quilt batting, corn feed & lavender!

They look like sugar cookies, don't they?!

Here is the December wedding we couldn't wait for!
Beautiful Granddaughter Ashely and handsome Jacob.

It was such a special day indeed! XOXO

Oh, and I almost forgot to share!
I just bought this pattern to make this amazing large quilt.
I love the colors and block patterns.

I shall work on it all year,
and hopefully can get a lot of it done. :)

I have some fun plans up my sleeve this year!

I will keep you "posted"!