Saturday, April 30, 2016

Busy April

A busy month of April it was!

I am amazed how quickly the year is flying by!

I have been self~teaching myself how to quilt and in the above picture(s) I am just beginning a scrappy tumbler quilt!
So far it has been easy and I am enjoying it.
I have always wanted to be a quilter and now taking baby steps into it!

April bought beautiful weather so got a pedi.
First time wearing blue!

Oh, and I love wearing Lularoe buttery soft leggings!
My daughter Heidi is a consultant and love all the dresses, shirts and leggings!

Grandma Maryjane always has jarfuls of yummy treats for the grandchildren!
One of my daughters said that her kids will always remember where they can get big soft marshmallows at!

For the last few months I have been making
Cookies in a Jar 
and keeping them on my pantry shelf!
I make about 5 different kinds and it's 
wonderful having them pre~mixed, 
and ready to make a fresh batch of cookies in minutes! 
We have had guests come unexpected and 
while visiting I am whipping up a batch!

Life is full, and good.
As in life, we all still go through trials
but with the love & support of the Lord
and family ... we can do anything!

Wishing you a wonderful month of May!

Friday, April 1, 2016

What's For Dinner?

 What's for dinner?
For some reason, Biscuits & Gravy sound really good!

It's funny how a visual aid can put a "yummy"
thought in my head.
Tomorrow we will be having breakfast for dinner!
One of our all~time favorite meals.

Below is a potpourri of some March pictures I took. 
It was a fun month filled with family gatherings.
I love my family!

I am so happy Spring is here!