Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Beloved Fabric Sewn in My Quilt

 I love my quilt filled with flowers and a white picket fence!

When I saw this pattern that Lori Holt from
Bee in My Bonnet created, 
it brought back a flood of memories growing up!

We had a white picket fence lined with flowers and rose bushes.

I had this custom made by my sister-in-law Susan.
 Below is beloved vintage material from 1957.
My sweet Grandmother Walberg made me a dress out of it.
I was in kindergarden and remember the dress in detail!

I was recently given my Grandmother's fabric bag of scraps,
and found my dress fabric in it!
Along in the scrap bag was beloved vintage fabric from a dress 
my sweet Mother Gloria wore 
pictured below that her Mother (my Grandma Walberg) made for her when she was my age in the 1930's!

I had to have these precious fabrics
incorporated into the quilt.
It stays in one of the quest rooms.

I love it to pieces!