Sunday, February 21, 2016

Make~Over on My Little Trailer

 Just before 2015 ended, I did a make~over on my little 
13 foot vintage trailer ButtonWillow!

Over the 9 years I have owned her, she has been all decked out for Christmas
to pink cowgirl style, to retro style, to now
farmhouse/shabby style!

The first area is the dinette/living area.
 Everything in here pretty much has a fond memory and pulls at my heart~strings.

I love the vintage curtains throughout because they have followed me from 2 homes.
 Behind the curtains are big silver serving forks to pull back the curtains if I wish!
They are so cute and a whimsy touch.

The sconces have battery candles
 that add such a soft glow at night.
 Somedays, I bring my little Featherweight
sewing machine in to sew,
or to take a nap!
I love to nap here when it is raining!

 I crocheted the doily under the teapot.

 A lavender sachet below scents the entire trailer!
 A belonged vintage framed Shirley Temple is a favorite!
She is my greeter at the door!
She was born the same year as my dear Mother.
Now on to the kitchen area.
A sweet little area indeed.

My favorite is the stove!
It has 4 burners and double ovens/broiler.
Custom wood covers for the sink and stovetop,
and icebox that keeps things very cold,
and airconditioning! 
Doesn't take much to cool her down.
I also have a tiny electric fireplace! 
 The cabinets are filled with pink rose Melmac!

 My Daddy use to make these pig cutting boards!
Last but not least, 
the bedroom.

My most favorite thing about it ...
I have a feather bed!
Sleeping in this sweet bed is heaven.

I have traveled from CA to Tombstone, AZ
in this baby and never missed a nights rest.

 I am working on my very first quilt 
and it will be for my bed here!
I will take a picture of it when I finish it to share.

 When not glamping, 
this little gal is parked on the side of my house.
I love that we are able to have her on our property 
because I can go play house anytime!

I have had many people over the years, driving and walking enjoy her peeking over the fence!
I have made friends because of ButtonWillow and,
I have had notes left with phone numbers if I ever want to sale her to call!
 I still have many years to enjoy my little