Thursday, January 7, 2016

16 lbs. of Fresh Laundry Soap

 Yesterday, I made a fresh batch of laundry soap ...
16 lbs. that is!
FYI: I have a 4 yr. old HE washing machinehard water
I have never had a problem using this laundry soap with either!

Wow, I have been making it for 8 years now and
there is a lot of you out there, make it too!
It washes my laundry beautifully.

I love making it, using it, love the simplicity of it, 
and feel like the homemaker my Mother and Grandmother's were.
Oh, and I grew up using a clothesline!

I learned how to sew in 7th grade and my parents
bought me my first sewing machine when I was 14.
I sewed many of my clothes in high school and
was told I was one of the best dressed students! 

In high school we chose a "Major"
and one that was offered I took
all through high school was "HOMEMAKING"!

Things never changed!
I am still "majoring" in Homemaking!
 Even as a Grandmother of 14 now,
I will always try to be the best homemaker I can be.
With a prayer in my heart and the Lord by my side, all things are possible!

I love the simple joys of life. XO