Monday, December 28, 2015

A Potpourri of Pictures

 On Instragram they have a thingy going called 
2015 Best Nine.

Had fun putting a grouping together of my sweet hens, and
a grouping of some of my recent sewing projects.
 Below I made a quilted sewing machine rug/mat.
Making myself one this week!

If I need to slide my sewing machine to the side 
for any reason, it moves it nicely.
It stays in place until I move it, and
my table doesn't get scratched. 

I will be making these for my ETSY shop too!
Wishing you my sweet friends a very 
Happy & Wonderful New Year!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Catch~Up

Picture of the family room.
Hung are 24 stockings I made for
Hubby & I, our children & their families.
Oh my goodness!
I have not had my computer for 4 weeks
and I have missed you & blogging!

My Apple computer broke, and it broke good!
Lost everything, had to have it rebuilt, and changed programs twice! 

Lucky me, we have Carbonite, and it has saved everything for years!
I got everything restored. 
Relieved and grateful.

Below are a few Christmas things I have done but not able to post. 
 Made cookies mixes for family & friends!
An awesome Pinterest find HERE.
 I bought all the supplies at The Dollar Tree.
Except the tags and doilies. 

I made pillowcases for our 14 grandchildren!
I have made these for close to 20 years now.
 Some are in college, high school, middle school, 
grammar school, pre~school to babies!
 You can see gender, ages, and personalities in each one!
 I love making them!
Made lots of mug*rug sets. 
Here are a few of some of the many I made ...

 Some had tags too.

For some misters in my life!

So happy to be back!

Now off to more creating! 
The Christmas crunch has begun!

Merry Christmas!