Thursday, September 24, 2015

Organizing My Jewelry

 For years I had my jewelry in individual zip lock bags
in ONE drawer of this "tallboy" dresser.
It became more difficult for me to find what I needed.
I was pulling out the entire drawer, putting it on the bed and 
shuffling through the mess!
By the time I found what I needed, I was frustrated!  
Knowing I needed to do something,
They come with the soft, fiber fill too!

When the boxes arrived shortly after ordering them, 
I dove into the mass of plastic bags, 
and began sorting & de~cluttering!

Under each box is its lid.
Great for traveling … grab, pack & go!
 Now when I open the drawers to coordinate
jewelry with an outfit,
it is quick, easy and a joy!
 Sometimes I find myself walking by the dresser,
can't help myself and have to take a peek!
 Also by being able to see all my jewelry,
I will see what I don't use overtime and can pass it along.
Like we do with clothing.
 Just trying to make life a little easier,
one step at a time!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chicken Nesting Herbs

I have been wanting to try this nesting box
herb blend (natural pest control) by Lisa at

These herbs smell heavenly in the coop and
the blend helps fight off mites, etc. 
They are so pretty too!

My hubby giggled as I was showing & telling him all about the herbs.
He knows I love to spoil my girls!
They came packaged pretty with a calling card.
I received 3 sachets.

I used 1 sachet on 3 nesting boxes.
My little hen Daisy is molting,
so she is not her pretty self at the moment.
She doesn't mind the herbs at all!

I am a happy customer!