Monday, July 20, 2015

New Farm~Style Kitchen Sink

Last weekend we had this awesome farm~style sink put in 
and I love it to pieces!

I have always had sinks with a divider 
and I wanted to try one big sink.
It is better then I imagined!
Pretty new faucet set and a very quiet
new garbage disposal too.
I love doing the dishes now and
going to bed with a shiny sink as the 
Fly Lady says to do!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Visiting With The Chickens!

Good day sweet people!

One of my favorite things to do each day
is sit and visit with my sweet hens.

Yes, we chit chat back and forth.
I go into the coop to hold them, love them,
 and check to see all is well physically.
It's a time I cherish and my cares & worries
stay outside.
I love tucking them in their coop each evening too.
They hear me coming and dash in from the chicken~run.
They feel comfortable enough for me staying in the coop, 
while they lay also.

Charlie and Sammie are my side~kicks 
and love visiting the hens also.
This darling young man is my Grandson Blake.

He helped keep the hens in tip~top shape while 
Hubby and I went out of town, 
with the help of his mommy Shelli.
My motto for this week …
"take time to talk to the chickens"!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Sweet Vintage Dinette Set

 Recently, I found this sweet, hand~painted  dinette set at my favorite antique shop called

I called daughter Heidi and she wanted the one I had,
so she called my other daughter Shelli and she wanted hers!
It sure was a busy day moving furniture from house to house … much of the furniture made a full circle again, keeping it all in the family.

This set is quite solid, and only needed some gentle scrubbing.

It's quaint and fits perfect in
The Beehive Cottage.
My silver Lazy Susan fits better on this smaller table.
It came with 4 chairs but I can easily add more when needed.
In the dining room we still have a large set for family gatherings.
Since I took the first pictures
I have added gingham chair pads in a linen & beige color.
The chair pads pick up the color in the family room couches.

I am so thrilled with my "new" vintage find!
Some things get better with age,
and this little set sure has!