Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Delicious Hard "Steamed" Fresh Eggs

Yes, steamed eggs!

Farm fresh eggs, and backyard chicken eggs
as in my 3 hens, are very difficult to peel when boiled.
The eggs were sticking to the shell and the eggs had big chucks wasted.
It was a disappearing egg act!

I have tried boiling, baking and now steamed!

This method I absolutely love and will never boil eggs again.
 I use a very large pot and a metal strainer that fits in the pot.
Hubby took one of the handles off for me so it would fit.
(Do not use stainers that are enamel~like, painted. Paint bubbles.)

Add about 2 inches of water to bottom of the pot.
Bring to a boil. Do not turn down because it needs to boil 
on the bottom of the pot the entire time.
 Add the eggs and strainer to the bottom of pot. 
I steam a dozen at a time.
Cover and let steam for 22-23 minutes.
 Immediately after steaming, 
put eggs in a bowlful of ice water.
Keep the eggs in ice water until eggs are cool. Then peel eggs.
 My heart be still …
perfectly peeled eggs!
I can never resist making a little half sandwich of deviled eggs after the eggs are cooled.

1 egg, diced
1 tablespoon of mayonnaise 
salt & pepper to taste
Mix & enjoy!

Friday, May 22, 2015


Photo taken by me, Maryjane
Called "Memories"

Inspired by my Mother's beautiful ROSES that surrounded our 
white picket fence and,
the STRAWBERRIES … Strawberry was my nickname growing up since I was 5 years old!

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Booth Setup From The Quilt Show

I had so much fun at our little Quilt Show at
 ROOSTER CREEK last week!
Thanks Bunches Rooster Creek for inviting me to be a vendor!

My booth was split in half due to the fact I was in a pathway.
It made for a great setup and 
I got to visit with all those who passed by.

It was wonderful having my daughters, friends,
 high school friends, and blogger friends come by all day! 
Thank you to all that did!
You made my day very special and I shall cherish it always.

I brought my little outdoor wicker set because I knew I wanted to sit and visit too!
 The next few pictures are of my wares
before the quilt show started.

Potholders, dishcloths…
 Everything I made had to do with quilting & sewing.
Large journals, mini journals, wood fridge magnets…
lots of my yoyo pincushions all about.
My daughter Shelli made these darling 
Mother's Day flower arrangements.
So pretty here & there!
 And back by popular demand I made more vintage pattern necklaces.
 I made some cute yoyo fridge magnets,
 gift tag sets & mug rug sets with mugs…
 and clipboards!
 All made with love.
The Beehive Cottage
Home, Garden, Chickens & Etsy

That's me!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hometown Quilt Show

My hometown Quilt Show is TODAY!

I gotta cute booth set up! 
Come by if you can and if you can't, 
I will post pictures of it soon!
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Journals for the Quilt Show

 I just finished these journals 
that I will be selling at my little hometown Quilt Show coming up on Saturday!

The above journal is one of my favorites
because it reminds me of my sweet Grandmothers.
The lace is from a couple of old pillow shams.

After the Quilt Show I will be making more 
journals to add to my Etsy shop!