Friday, January 30, 2015

Vintage Inspired Fridge Glass Containers!

 I love using vintage or vintage inspired kitchen glassware in my kitchen.
It reminds me of days gone by. 
 I have had these for a few years.
You can bake in them too!
 You can buy them HERE!
Do you use vintage or vintage inspired too?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Next Week The Unveiling ~ Trailer!

 I have gathered wares throughout last year and now putting the 
finishing touches on the re~do of my little trailer!
 Crocheted doilies, white ironware, crystal
 to lots of silver!
 From cottage to farmhouse style.
Everything I love!
Stay tuned! 
The unveiling is next week!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ridge & The Chickens!

This is my sweet Grandson Ridge.
He is adorable!

Ridge was his Dad's (Nathan our son) co-pilot on a trip to Southern CA and
they decided to drop by Grandma's for lunch & a visit!
Ridge loves the chickens and gathering eggs.
The chickens know he is gentle and don't 
mind a bit he is in their coop!
Most of my adult friends are afraid of the chickens
but when it comes to the little ones, there is no fear.
Come back soon Ridge!
The hens are calling ya'! xox

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Changes On My Blog!

Something very exciting is happening here at 
The Beehive Cottage!

Can you see it?
My 7 year old blog is getting a new look!

My very sweet & dear friend Sara at
is designing it for me. She has a couple things to add
and I am loving everything she has done so far! 
Thanks Sara … xo

Little by little I will be adding to the pink "theme" bar above that will be 
"a melting pot of goodness!" 
A place to easily find recipes, projects, etc.

Stay turned~in for an exciting year here at 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fairy Garden in the Making!

Want to help me name my little fairy?

This will be my first FAIRY GARDEN!
I am so excited and started to gather miniatures.
(The green birds are not part of it).

She will even have her own chicken & coop!
How cute is that?!

My chickens will be envious!

I now need to find the right container, soil, rocks & little plants.
I have a wonderful board on PINTEREST filled with tons of great ideas.

Have you ever made a fairy garden?
I will post pictures when it's done!!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Time to Reflect & Renew!

 The past few days I have found myself pondering and
reflecting on last year.

In doing so, I have great hope for
a sweet year ahead.

I have never shared with you some bumps we
had in the year of 2014 and tried to carry on 
with a joyful heart!

In early March my hubby was in a car accident and 
totaled his car on his birthday going to work … a woman was texting
A week later he found out he had prostate cancer. 
To say the least,
the next several months were intense but he came through it with flying colors so far.
We thank our Heavenly Father for the blessings He sent our way. 

All is well once again.
Lately, my head can't stop thinking about all the things I use to do & want to do, like 
selling my wares at marketplaces & in shops
as I have done for years. 
Keeping busy, creating, doing! But maybe this isn't the year for all that … 
"enjoy the simple pleasures" keeps coming to mind.
 The last couple days I have thought about the things that have truly brought me simple joy over the last few years …

* my hubby, children & darling grandchildren
* my faith
* serving others
* family dinners
* living a simpler way of life
* being a farm girl at heart like Grandma Sadie
* be grateful for what I have & not want
* tending to my sweet dogs & chickens
*making my own laundry soap (7 years now)
* enjoying my little trailer, most days just at home
* sewing, crocheting, & learning to quilt
*cooking with an apron on
* making all my gifts
* enjoy time with my daughters & friends
* BLOGGING ~ it has changed much over the years
and still loving it! 
I am going to make a book for each year(7)!
* keeping house
* gardening
* making wares for my little Etsy shop
* make & keep friends ~ I have some very cherished ones
here through blogging that have changed my life forever
* and truly living with a happy heart.

Sounds like a perfect plan for 2015!
Here's to a fresh start with renewed energy & 
finding joy in the things we love!
Have a wonderful day and thanks for visiting!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Craving Brown~Sugar~Cinnamon Toast!

It must be really good when you are craving your own 
Brown~Sugar~Cinnamon Toast
Off to make some … 
you will love it too!

Recipe HERE.

Friday, January 2, 2015

My Trailer in the Snow!

This little trailer has not seen snow
since the day I had her "trucked" down from Idaho in January 2007 until 2 days ago!

We have her camped out on the side 
of our home throughout the year.

I love her close by because I enjoy her even 
when I am not traveling with "ButtonWillow". 
I am still documenting pictures I took of the
"surprise" snow storm that hit here in Murrieta, CA where it NEVER snows!
It snowed several hours after I took these photos.
It is Jan. 2 and she still has snow on top!
Won't need to use the air conditioning for a while!
This sweet 58 year old (1957) trailer weathered the storm well …
I hope I do as well!
I have done a re~do on the inside that I need to unveil soon! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Wishing you a HAPPY JANUARY
from sunny Southern California
where it NEVER SNOWS!
Still thawing out from a winter storm 2 days ago.
We will never see this again,
so I had to document it all!
(Yes, more pictures to post!)

So beautiful…
a blessing & a miracle! 
Can you spot Charlie here?
He blends in pretty well doesn't he?
I actually couldn't spot him yesterday
on the backyard lawn! 
Wishing you a wonderful day!