Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Easy to Make Emergency Preparedness Candle!

I gave a class for the women of my church in my home on ideas for 
Emergency Preparedness
One of the ideas I shared was this candle made out of vegetable shortening 
I have seen on Pinterest over and over again.

It is awesome and works for hours on end!
I bought the wicks on eBay and
the vegetable shortening at Walmart.
The vegetable shortening can I bought is a medium size and 
should burn for 40+++ hours.

1. Open can of vegetable shortening. The bigger the can, the longer it will last.

2. Insert candle wick with a dowel or scissors into the center of the can. 
(I pinched the bottom of wick with scissors and pushed the wick to the bottom of can). 
If the can has a large diameter, multiple wicks can be inserted. 
(I used 2 wicks as shown). Leave quarter of an inch of wick showing above the can 
to make sure the flame is a manageable size.

3. Even out the top of the vegetable shortening so the candle is smooth.

4. Light wick and enjoy the candle!
I had it burning the whole class time.
After the class, I blew out the candle 
replaced the lid on it that it came with.

Ready to use now in an emergency!
GREAT Christmas gift idea!

I will be making them!
Have a wonderful day and be prepared!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Frozen Treat Ring for the Chickens!

I love Pinterest!
I have learned so many things about raising backyard chickens.

I read to keep an eye on your chickens closely when it heats up about 85 degrees.

One thing to keep your chickens cool is making a 
Frozen Treat Ring! 
I added some corn & wheat spouts I grew to the bottom of a bunt pan.
Cover with water, freeze.
Then I added watermelon & apples. Cover with water, freeze.

Easy breezy!

The next one I will add dried worms & a few sunflower seeds.
Add what ever your chickens love!
All natural and healthy for your chickens.
Myrtle is always the first to check things out.
Daisy is next, then Emily, Nellie, then shy Kate.
Just checked in with them … picking away at it!

It should keep them busy for awhile.

Already started another one for tomorrow.
We will be in the 90's all week!

Stay cool and have a great day!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rooster Creek Quilt Show!

is one of my all time favorite antique shops in my hometown!
On Saturday Vivian & Cricket hosted a wonderful quilt show

They invited a local group called …
"Divine Sewers of the Ya Ya Sisterhood"
to show us their beautiful quilts!
Oh what a treat it was!
This was pinned on one of the vintage quilts. So sweet.
Rooster Creek is on a lovely piece of property.
The house on the property is what we all call the "Gingerbread House" 
because of how adorable it is, inside and out with it's gingerbread carvings.
One of the oldest homes in (Old Town) Historical Murrieta, CA
Old, large trees in the front yard make a wonderful place to display these beautiful quilts.

I love how they were hung! Clotheslines everywhere!
When the winds kicked up, it was fun to see them flapping in the wind.
This house also has a carriage house!
Wow, how neat to have that way back when.
Pretty fancy!
The Ya Ya Sewers were there to talk and answer any questions we had. 
There was a group of about 20.
This sweet booth above is 
Deborah Lee's from Wildoberry Farms.
What a talented woman and it was so fun meeting her!
I have found a new friend!
Oh how I wish I got the names of these 2 ladies!
A Mother/Daughter team.
What a joy to talk to them!
Talent runs in the family!

Hey, there is Sharon from Pikin Chixs
She bought me lunch! Thanks Bunches Sharon! 
I just love vintage!
I want to copy this idea!
Vivian said she bought the clothesline 10 years ago,
either at Lowe's or Home Depot. I must find one!!!
And of course the wheelbarrow completes the look. Oh, my!
The carriage house is on the left and
the backyard is filled with lots of garden goodness!

At one point I found myself back there sitting on a white rocker pondering.
Just what this gal needed today.
I found a piece of heaven at Rooster Creek today!
Thank you so much for visiting and have a wonderful day!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Huge Emu Eggs!

Emu Eggs!
(not Ostrich eggs which are larger and white)

Emu are large flightless birds that can reach 6.5 feet in height, 
3 feet in width at shoulders
 and weigh up to 135 pounds.
 Yes, that is my hand holding one of the eggs.
It's huge and heavy!
I love this vintage picture of a women riding a Emu. 
This bird is like an Ostrich, but smaller.

Since I wanted to use them for display my hubby
drilled two holes so I could blow the egg yolk out…
I did get a little winded doing so!
The egg wasn't much smaller then the bowl!
The yolk was probably equal to 6 or so chicken eggs!
I was amazed how much came out!!!
I wouldn't even know what to bake with that much.
A baby Emu

The shell is so hard I can't imagine a chick having to break out of it.
Talking about a hard birth!
They look like an avocado don't you think?
Couldn't resist! 
Thanks for visiting 
 have a wonderful day!