Monday, April 28, 2014

Inside The New Coop!

Sweet hubby worked on the inside of the coop this weekend.
So pleased with his work!

He surprised me with the glass doorknob!
My heart be still.
The girls seem to love their new digs!
This week they are 9 & 10 weeks old.
They sleep well on the perch.
I did some research on perches and read they like the flat boards,
and it's better for their feet.

Hubby will make nesting boxes on the left just above the perch.
Hello girls, come on in!
Got my egg sign nailed up.
Can't wait for fresh eggs!
I have found raising chickens is such a wonderful and rewarding experience.

I find myself outside more often and loving it. 
Just sitting and watching the chickens is a real treat! Who knew?!

Relaxing is good for the soul.
I am happy the coop is finally done.
Hubby will be working on a chicken run the next couple weeks.
They have a little small covered area outside for the time-being.
A little peace of heaven! 
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Almost a Chicken Coop!

Just the beginning of our chicken coop!

Tuff Shed had it completed in 3 hours! 
It's a little 8x8 ft. shed nestled between two palm trees in the center of our backyard.
To the right side of the shed we will build a enclosed chicken run.
Soon this little shed will be a sweet coop for my 5 hens.

Small windows to let the morning sun in.
The sliver~like insulation is to keep the coop cool in the summer,
 and warm in the winter.

This coop will be divided in half with a little screen door.
This big sign will go on the front of the coop.
Sweet Sara & Abbey from 
A few little touches …
I just found this darling crocheted chicken egg holder 
at a local antique shop!
Isn't it adorable?!
I was going to put this chair in my vintage trailer but it looks so cute in the coop,
especially with the chicken~wire backing.
I just bought these BOGS rain-boots to use when I clean out the chicken run. 
I bought them online at Zappo's,
 if you are interested in a pair.
Hubby is starting to work on the inside of the coop tomorrow!

I will keep you posted on the progress!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Decorated Easter Eggs!

I use to decoupage blown~out eggs years ago. 
I used napkins and fabric.
As I was pinning on Pinterest I found some sweet ones I just had to share!
I pinned them under my SPRING BOARD below if you want to take a look … 
Above is a FREE printable you can find on my board also.
Such pretty prints.
These eggs were done with egg whites.
Love the pink egg carton!
These are fabric!
Rose covered eggs, oh my!
I think these might be my favorites!
Love that pink chicken.

And yes, I am going to make some!
How about you?
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Changes For My Trailer!

It's time for a change!

I have had my vintage trailer now for 6+ years 
and the theme has been pink, retro & cowgirl.

Since I am now going to enjoy my trailer "ButtonWillow"
at home more, I wanted a total new look.
One that is welcoming, warm and peaceful…

I have decided to go with a French~Farmhouse style!
I have been collecting my wares to make the transformation!
I went on a shopping spree yesterday and found 
some wonderful wares at my favorite shop,
COTTAGE CHARM in Murrieta.

I love this chair and the back of it made with chicken wire!
Lots of doilies, silver & crystal. 
The teapot I have had for many years.
Every time I go to Cottage Charm,
 I am able to find beautiful silver platters.
I crocheted the doily below using some pretty vintage yarn
my sister~in~law Susan gave me!
I will be making several more of them.
Love the color. 
This pillow is huge!
It looks old but is new.
I love the two tones in this one.
A strawberry on the top of my teapot. 
There is a special meaning to a strawberry since I was 4 years old.
I will keep you posted on the project I am about to encounter!
I may even do some painting inside of the trailer too!
Woohoo! I am so excited!
Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sew Fun!

Yes, more…
Can't stop making these yoyo pincushions!
They are "sew" fun.
They look like a cupcakes with buttercream frosting! 
Three layered yoyo's!
Sweet pincushions that are a "handful"!
Just added them to my Sew Maryjane Etsy shop!
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