Monday, October 29, 2012

Aunt Ruthie's New Fall E~Book!

Yoo~Hoo! Did you all hear that
has written a new FALL e~book?
Oh my goodness, you are in for a real treat!
I had the honor and privilege of receiving a copy from Ruthann of her e~book! Thank you my dear friend.
I could not stop reading it! It will put a kick into your day and a sweet song in your heart! I promise!

I love this darling, loving gal to pieces! She is one true blue sweetheart, through and through. 
I have had the honor of meeting her and having her in my home and call her a dear friend.
If you have read her blog, you know that she loves the Lord and loves to uplift others, especially women.
Her new e~book is filled with recipes, home decorating tips, family gathering ideas, 
making your home a welcoming place for all who enter it, to blessing it, and the list goes on!
It is a real keeper and something you will refer to for years to come.
I plan on printing it out, as I did with her Summer e~book!
Lots of pictures of her beautiful, cozy home throughout the e~book.
Aunt Ruthie sure knows how to cook and bake!
I have used many of her recipes over the years, as have my daughters!
My all time favorite pie that I have blogged about several times is her Buttermilk Pie Recipe here! 
It's one of our family's all time favorites!
Isn't she the cutest gal ever?!
 Her personality just melts your heart!
I LOVE reading my copy on my iPad too!
Make sure you skip on over to her blog
There you can read more about her e~book and make a purchase to own your own copy if you would like!

***Our continued thoughts & prayers for those enduring Hurricane Sandy***

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Tiny Guest!

My hubby and I made this lamp several years ago. 
It has been in many places in our home over the years. Lately I have had it on the front porch. 
I have a timer on it that comes on early evening to greet visitors.
Last week I noticed I have a tiny guest living in the birdhouse!
A tiny frog! Our very own frog~bird!
He is still visiting. I hope he decides to stay awhile!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vignettes of Halloween!

I took a few pictures here and there. I edited the pictures using a "retro" look. Perfect for Fall!
Lots of pumpkins made out of sweaters!
I love pumpkin time ... my favorite time of the year!
The candle chandelier is over our kitchen table.
Standing on a chair to get the shot with these 10 foot ceilings!
Kitchen table Lazy Susan.
Family Room mantel.
I usually make a fresh batch of homemade popcorn each day.  
I pop it in a big pot on the stove using canola oil & sea salt

Today, grandsons Eric and Mark are ready to dive into this batch!
Have a wonderful  week my friends!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Bleaching Bottle Brush Trees!

I pinned "bleaching bottle brush trees" on Pinterest a while back and decided to give it a try! 
My goodness, I am so glad I did! I had fun doing it and love the results! 
I love how they look vintage now.
What do you think of my bleached bottle brush trees?
I even put a tiny tree in a salt shaker I blinged up!
Below is the process.
I used a medium plastic container, filled it with water and added 1 cup of bleach.
Left them in for 1 hour ... 
After bleaching, I rinsed them off real good with mild  soapy water a couple times. 
The final rinse I used water and some white vinegar. 
Vinegar helps get rid of any anything still left on. 
The trees are still wet in the picture below. 
I love how they look!
I have so many fun projects I will be using them for!
I bought a bag of 21 green trees at Michael's.
Have a wonderful day my friends!