Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Love a Man in the Kitchen!

Ann & Mitt Romney, 
learning to bake award winning pies at Sweetie-licious in DeWitt, Michigan.
I love a man in the kitchen!
Our boys in the family have always helped in the kitchen!
Doesn't make them any less of a man!
(He is holding a great quiche dish!)
My honey is even known to wear an apron now & then!
Start when they are young!
What goes good with milk? Yeap....COOKIES!
My eAsY ;) recipe for these heart cookies is here!
Now here is a recipe for Taco Quiche that my hubby makes!
(Yes, real men eat quiche!)
He found it on the Internet and it has become a family favorite!
Whenever I have the whole family come for dinner, it's the men that do the dishes. Not that we asked, they volunteer to do so!
Love my boys!
This journal/cookbook is in my Sassy Sadie Lee Etsy shop!
Now wishing you a wonderful day!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Add Trim to Your Jeans!

Images ~ Crafty & Creativity 
I have always wanted to add trim or lace to my the bottom of my jeans!
Over at Crafty & Creativity she is sharing how to do this in a wonderful DIY post. You will love her blog too!
  Now off to get my supplies!
Have a wonderful day and remember to:

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summertime Treats!

Lot's of wares!
Here are 2 summertime treats from some of my favorite food blogs!
This is a delightful Strawberry & Cream Cake 
Jamielyn from "I {heart} Naptime" 
made! Adorable blog!
So refreshing, I know everyone will love it! 
Find the recipe on her blog.
Below is darling Watermelon Rice Krispie treat from 
Glorious Treats that I know the kids will love too! 
So very clever! Find the recipe on her blog.
I actually love Rice Krispie treats! 
Do you?
I hope you my friends are enjoying your summer so fear, 
and keeping cool

Monday, June 18, 2012

Cowgirl Up!

Busy in my craft room creating some Cowgirl journals/notebooks and garlands 
for my Sassy Sadie Lee shop! I will be adding lots of cowgirl tags today and tomorrow! 
Lots of great cowgirl graphics!
SOLD***Listed another!
SOLD***Listed another!
Ya'all have a great week now! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Girl Time!

I had a wonderful treat this week! 
Aunt Ruthie from Sugar Pie Farmhouse 
came by for a visit! How blessed I am that she did. She is sweet as sugar! 
We have been blogger friends for a few years and briefly met a couple years ago. 
She made a trip from her home in Branson, Missouri to California with her family to visit family & friends. 
You know how darling she is writing her blog? Well, she is what she preaches through n' through. 
Loving, happy, positive, sweet, cute as a button, full of life, sincere, a heart of gold, and loves her family & the Lord.
Ruthann~Aunt Ruthie
I had this welcome sign in the kitchen!
Us! Look how happy and bright her eyes are!
I love her to pieces!
We spent most of our time in the craft room chit~chatting!
We had chocolate cake with raspberry filling, Gelato ice cream and pink lemonade. 
  The pink lemonade was served in these darling stemware glasses made from canning jars and candle stick holders! 
I bought them from sweet friends Sara & Abbey from Sweet Magnolias Farm.
A few pictures of the craft room and about.
The dress form! Ruffles, pearls & diamonds!
And one more picture of sweet Ruthann! 
Thank you for blessing my home and hope to see you again at Christmastime. xox
One more thing ... Ruthann shared a Buttermilk Pie recipe I have made many times for my family!
Me, oh, my! I want a piece of pie! You can find the recipe here.
I use my hens fresh eggs!
Now as "Aunt Ruthie" would say "have a wonderful day Sugar~Pies!"