Monday, January 31, 2011

Hailey's Cowgirl Birthday Party with the Trailer!

We used my trailer for Granddaughter Hailey's 9th Birthday party! It was held this past weekend. Hubby and I took the trailer to her home.
Hailey & Chandler's dog Bono LOVES grandma's trailer too!
Sweet Hailey. What a darling face!

Her baby cowgirl boots.
Her mommy bought all the party goods through Oriental Trading Company and did such a sweet job in decorating! Look at the detail!

All her friends signed her autograph pony!
Cowgirl grub her mommy made.
I took down my curtains and hung up these cute cowgirl dinner napkins from Moda Fabrics. Matching tablecloth.
I made the bed into a couch! A "feather" couch! heehee!
Pictures of Hailey through the years. One of my favorites is the back of her in her white dress she wore on her baptism day.

I used Elyse's ~ "Cottage" tinkered treasured clips to hold up the napkins.

Ready for her quests to arrive! She loves Grandma's trailer and has been playing in it since she was itty bitty!
A hankie garland I bought on Etsy.
Here are the Rodeo Princesses!
They played in character ALL day! It was a hoot to hear them play out!

Homemade Cowgirl cake pops! To darn cute and...
a horse cake made by her mommy's friend Tammy.
Happy Birthday sweet Hailey! May all your wishes come true!
Kicking back in my pink boots before tear down...
What a fun day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Matilda's "Mouse" Antiques Barn Sale!

This past Friday my friend Robin and I hit the road for a day of antiquing! Our first stop was a WONDERFUL barn sale held once a month called Matilda's Mouse Antiques in Valley Center, CA just 45 minutes from home. Oh what fun!
The barn sale is
named after darling Matilda (dog)
who greets you at every sale dressed up for the theme.
This one was called "On the Wings of Love"!

See her portrait on the barn? CUTE!
After the barn sale we headed towards home and ate in Old Town Temecula and shopped some more!

The outside was filled with wonderful finds to!
Here she is! She is sooooo sweet! Look at her sweet red wings!

Cute little chandelier lamp, huh? There were 2 of them.
I bought them!
The seller said she bought them in New York!

I loved this gals shoes, so she let me take a picture of them!
On the hunt for some!

Chandlers everywhere and they were all so pretty!
Robin bought this sweet hutch!
She is going to refresh it with white or paint it black.

There was a set of these chandelier lamps and when standing in line, they went out the door! It was funny having big pieces of furniture being hauled out over our heads. It was a very busy place!
Tiered chandeliers! Oh, my heart be still!
Check~out area!

See ya next month sweet Matilda!
Have a wonderful week and thanks bunches for visiting!