Friday, March 27, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

On the Road Crocheting!

I love to crochet while driving in the car with hubby. I made three dishcloths this weekend as we took a little trip to AZ for our darling niece Collette's wedding/sealing. What a beautiful bride she made!
I just had to use my new vignette setting from my previous post to take pictures of the dishcloths that I am adding to my Etsy store. I love my vintage BLUE paperweights I have collected over the years.
Hummm, this PINK girl is loving this BLUE!
Wishing you a wonderful week!

Maryjane xox

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Treasures From My Favorite Antique Store!

Today I went to my favorite antique store"Simply Friends" in my hometown owned by two darling sisters Renee & Debi. They are as sweet as pie and chit~chatting is part of why I go to visit their store!
I am soooo thrilled with my latest finds! Do you remember Princess House from the 1970's?! I hostessed so many Princess House Parties! Did you? I found this Princess House cheese cutting board and glass dome at Simply Friends! Oh yes, I went crazy thinking of what I could use it for and cheese was not on the list! Me, oh, my! I am one happy girl...until my next visit to Simply Friends! Humm, what could be in this cute bag? This beautiful handmade silk flower pin was made by a local artist. I can't wait to wear it on my denim jacket! She hand paints/dyes the ribbon. The rose is so soft to the touch. Debi didn't even have the price tag on this vintage PINK brooch yet! I had to have it! My favorite shortbread in town! This homemade shortbread is sooooo yummy, I had to eat one during the "photo session"! I love this dainty teacup! I am going to put vintage ivory buttons in it and use it in my craft room.
What a pretty vignette all my findings make!
Have a wonderful day sweeties!

Maryjane xox

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I just had one of those days and needed my little CHOCOLATE FIX! I reached to the very back of the refrigerator and found my special little treat...a tub of chocolate frosting! All I needed was 1, okay 2 spoonfuls of creamy dark chocolate! Instant satisfaction!
One day recently my three daughters and I were emailing each other back and forth (it's so much fun!) laughing and talking about how much we all LOVE frosting!!! One by one they all confessed to keeping a tub of frosting tucked and hidden away in their fridge's to! (And I thought they never saw it!) Our hubby's don't know about it but I am sure their daughters know and won't tell a soul!
A girls gotta have a CHOCOLATE FIX in private sometimes!
Thanks Becky from Sweet Cottage Dreams for giving me the craving! LOL!

Do have a chocolate fix? Where is your stash hidden?

Teach your daughters well!
Maryjane xox

I love girly secrets! Thanks for sharing!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

MaryJane's Farm & Sisters on the Fly

I have talked many times on my blog about MaryJane's Farm & Sisters on the Fly. I am so thrilled to have both of my favorite women's groups I am a member of, together! MaryJane Butters of MaryJane's Farm featured Maurrie Sussman & Becky Clark (real sisters) of Sisters on the Fly in her monthy magazine. My life has changed for the better because of these wonderful women! I am Farmgirl #44, learning tips on gardening, sharing recipes, sewing, organic living, and so much more! I am Sister #595 with Sisters on the Fly, towing my little 1957 vintage trailer, roping, riding and fly fishing with these gals! I earn patches like when we were Girl Scouts with both groups, now how fun is that! You must check out these wonderful sisters at MaryJane's Farm and Sisters on the Fly . MaryJane Butters featured my blog The Beehive Cottage and dear friend Cat's~ The Vintage Housewife
in her magazine on page 55! Oh, My! I have a full set of this Marble Canyon enamelware in my trailer. My newest shopping bag!

Maryjane xox

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Place Called Home...

I could pinch myself every time I walk into our sweet guest room and there stands this precious sink made in the 1800's! Can you imagine what a wife felt having this luxury in her home! Running water (no plumbing required!) from a quaint little sink? I bet she kept it looking as cute as a button with pride!
This little sink was given to me by my daughter Heidi a couple days ago. Her dear friend Alex gave it to her knowing it would find a loving home. Thank you Alex for your kindness and loving heart. After oiling the little sink and accessorizing it, I lite my wood wick candle (it sounds like a crackling fireplace) and sat on the bed to ponder about this little addition to our home. I was actually overcome with sweet feelings like the sink was talking to me about it's past! People that used it and it's history through time. I was touched by this sweet experience and grateful I sat down to listen! I hope the next person who owns the little sink someday,
will love it as it has been loved for over 130+ years!
The homemade rose soaps smell so good and old fashion. I added some PINK packing peanuts to make it look like bubbles! The rose crocheted washcloths are a perfect fit.
This is where the water is stored that holds a few gallons. Turn that cute faucet on and out runs the water! The water then runs into a bucket that is enclosed under the sink. This is how it looks if I left it down but that will never happen because I love the sink to show! Maryjane xox