Friday, January 23, 2009

Camping in the desert with Sisters on the Fly!

Here are my trailer pictures I promised from this past weekend camping with my group
Sisters on the Fly in Quartzite, AZ. I have shown pictures of my trailer in the past, but these are new pics from our recent trip. For those of you who have never met ButtonWillow...This is my little 13 ft. 1957 Jewel! I named her ButtonWillow and I love her to pieces! When not using her camping, she is parked on our property and I go sit in her to crochet, read or watch a vintage movie. Yes, I own the Long, Long Trailer with Lucy & Desi. Click on Sisters on the Fly and see what we are all about! xox
My Bedroom. I made most of the pillows. I LoVe my feather bed! Samantha loves it to! My kitchen. Look at that stove! I have 4 burners, oven & a broiler! What else does a gal need?! LOL! Dishes to wash. My cupboards are filled with vintage Melmac! My Dinette Area. Where I spend most of my time! LOL! Cat's #997 cutie pie trailer! Janet's #511 cutie pie trailer! Barbara's #116 cutie pie Airstream! Lynn #38 & Suzanne's #463 cutie pie trailers! Home Sweet (Away From) Home!

Sister #595

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