Monday, June 30, 2008

SOTF Trip!

Unbelievable artwork!

Oh yes, another train case
made by Carol #335

Sister Fun in McCall, Idaho

It's so fun to be apart of this group! At each event we have a "tour day" where each of us open the doors of our little trailers for each other and the public to see! Local newspapers give the public a "heads up" for the event.
Above is another one of Carol's train cases!

More pictures from my Sisters on the Fly Trip!

This darling Shabby Chic trailer is all decked out in PINK, yellow & Turquoise! This is Kari's #724 cutie pie trailer!
Love her PINK radio!

Notice the brown cowgirl train case?
Yes, one of Carol's Sister #335 creations!
This cute cowgirl trailer belongs to...
Teresa #430
"Wild Honey"

Note Teresa's cute train case! Carol Sister #335 finds vintage cases and decorates them,
then we buy them!
I have two!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My daughter Heidi emailed this to me:
"Hailey wrote about you in her diary tonight!"
Isn't this priceless?! Miss Hailey is 6 years old and now wants me to redecorate her bedroom "Cowgirl" style! I have already bought the little cowgirl PINK fabric! Yee-Haw Miss Hailey! xo

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back Home!

My PINK boots!

I am back home from a
Sisters on the Fly trip,
The Ponderosa Sisters Stampede in
McCall, Idaho!
I will be posting some pictures of trailers and adventures over the next few days!
Maryjane xo

Pam's Darling Trailer!

Here is one of my favorite trailers from my McCall, Idaho trip!
"Queen of Pamelot"
Pam - Sister #79

Girls know how to have fun!!!
Click on each picture for details!

Keep strolling below to see my 1957 Jewel Trailer!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cake Anyone?

Would you join me for a piece of cake?
Do you love cake to? What is your favorite kind of cake?
I LOVE any kind of cake as long as it has ButterCream Frosting!
I go nuts, especially if it is a corner piece! Yum!

Now, I will slice you up a piece of cake...lemonade to? XO
PS...I have had some recent requests for my ButterCream Frosting! Go to the second page of my blog and there it is! If you go to
Shirls Rose Cottage
there you will find a PINK cake she just made with the frosting! Yummy! XO

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Front Porch Party!

I have joined in on some fun! I have been invited to share my front porch! Rhondi at "Rose Colored Glasses" is hosting the party! If you link to her blog she will lead you to where all the other sweet porches are! Her link is below.

I love a warm and cozy front porch. A time for me to kick up my feet, crochet, visit with my sweetheart, family & friends, watch the sun set behind our pretty mountains and I have been caught several times taking a nap on my wicker couches! I have a stone bird bath nearby and it is nice to watch all the different birds come by!

See my NEW PINK BIKE I got for my Birthday?! It is a Townie 3 Electra! Waiting for my white finders to be added any day now! Wooo Hooo!
Thanks for visiting and come back soon!
Maryjane xo

Monday, June 2, 2008

SUMMER is in the air! Can you feel it? I love going to the beach and soaking in the rays (well, under an umbrella these days!) and relaxing. I find the ocean very healing & uplifting. I love to listen to the waves, ponder, read and count my blessings. I love digging my toes into the warm sand and feeling the ocean waves pushing against my back. My favorite part is the beautiful orange & pink sunsets and glistening water. A wonderful way to end a day! What a beautiful earth our Father in Heaven has created!
I have wonderful memories of taking the kids to the beach and camping out for two weeks straight filled with relaxation, laughter & fun! Then with baskets filled with treasures of the sea, it is time to go home! Memories to carry in our hearts until the following year. Ahhhh, summer is in the air again!
Maryjane xo