Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Getting Caught Up

The last couple months ... life has happened,
and has kept me from blogging.
I have taken pictures during this time,
and now "getting caught up"!

Above ...
*Daughter Heidi made that amazing pie!
*My dryer died so until I found another one,
I enjoyed using my new umbrella clothesline!
*Crocheted a bunch more of dishcloths 
for my Granddaughter Ashley's bridal shower.
I LOVE to crochet!

Above ...

My sweet Sadie has a terrible time "molting" in the Fall.
I am babying her through this ... again.
Separated her so she won't be picked on and trying too get some weight on her. 
The Chicken Chick has given some wonderful advice to help me along.
In the meanwhile she was limping, so babied her poor leg too.
She isn't limping now!

Hubby built "another" screen door to the coop.
I have a screen door on the inside he built originally to divide the coop for me when building.
Spoiled hens!

Above ...

I gave a Bridal Shower for sweet Granddaughter Ashley!
Granddaughter Kelsey's was in Spring.

The shower was so fun! 
The picture is of me, Ashely, and her mommy Shelli, my daughter.

Look at those amazing cupcakes and macaroon's Shelli made!
Ashley's wedding is in December! Can't wait.

Above ...

There is my new dryer topped with cuteness! 
We bought a front loader HE washer & dryer. 
I love them! 
First time having a front loader washer!

I am able to still use my homemade laundry soap without any problems!
Just made a fresh batch of laundry soap this morning!
Recipe on my sidebar!

I have started a new tradition for my 3 daughters and daughter-in-love!
Every new season I will give/send them a box filled with goodness to enjoy the season with!
I started off with "Fall in a Box"!
They will get their "Winter in a Box" on Thanksgiving Day. 
I will take pics and share in next post!

*Tip: If you ever buy more than 1 yard of fabric ask for extra cardboard fabric holders!
JoAnn's Fabrics is where I get mine.

Above ...

Enjoying the coziness of Fall!
It has finally cooled down here in Southern CA.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!
I count my blessings everyday.

My yummy succotash recipe is on my sidebar too!
5th generation recipe!


NanaDiana said...

How fun to get caught up with you a bit. Don't you love your umbrella clothesline--when you want to dry stuff outside. Glad you got a new w/d combo though. I think I am not too far away from that myself. I love my front loader but it is getting OLD.

You shower was beautiful and my daughter had a December wedding. That was several years ago and people still come up and tell me that was one of the most beautiful weddings they ever attended...with fresh evergreen trees in the church and white roses and soft Christmas colors. Oh- enjoy every moment of it all.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Maryjane. xo Diana
ps. I still use your soap recipe when I am not too lazy to make it. lol

christine reynolds said...

I love your blog and I follow you on Instagram. Hope you and your family have a truly wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Ginger Dawn Harman said...

Oh it is a great time to catch up so that we can rejuvenate during the winter months. Wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing with all of us and for creating such a wonderful, meaningful, and positive organization.