Thursday, January 7, 2016

16 lbs. of Fresh Laundry Soap

 Yesterday, I made a fresh batch of laundry soap ...
16 lbs. that is!
FYI: I have a 4 yr. old HE washing machinehard water
I have never had a problem using this laundry soap with either!

Wow, I have been making it for 8 years now and
there is a lot of you out there, make it too!
It washes my laundry beautifully.

I love making it, using it, love the simplicity of it, 
and feel like the homemaker my Mother and Grandmother's were.
Oh, and I grew up using a clothesline!

I learned how to sew in 7th grade and my parents
bought me my first sewing machine when I was 14.
I sewed many of my clothes in high school and
was told I was one of the best dressed students! 

In high school we chose a "Major"
and one that was offered I took
all through high school was "HOMEMAKING"!

Things never changed!
I am still "majoring" in Homemaking!
 Even as a Grandmother of 14 now,
I will always try to be the best homemaker I can be.
With a prayer in my heart and the Lord by my side, all things are possible!

I love the simple joys of life. XO


Freckled Farmgirl said...

this is wonderful! I love using homemade stuff and used homemade laundry soap many years but now have a washer where I am supposed to used pods in. Not sure if I can use powders in the machine!!!

Monica said...

Hi Maryjane - I've been using your recipe for laundry soap for almost 3 years now, and I love it! Everything smells clothesline fresh, even if they were tossed in the dryer. I've noticed my clothes don't fade, and stains come out with no problem - can't remember the last time I had to pretreat something. Vinegar has become my only fabric softener too. Thanks for sharing your "recipe"!

Shirley Hatfield said...

I just love your blog, Maryjane! You make homemaking a gracious art and inspire me to do a better job. I make and use your laundry soap and I always encourage the sisters in my ward to try it. Happy New Year!!

Bernideen said...

Now that's an original idea! I am amazed!

Libby said...

I Love your style...................

mickle said...

You are my inspiration! I love your blog and seems we have the same "spiritual thoughts" as well. :) I wish I could get some hens.... but right now I have my hands full with a 79 yr old husband and two shih tzu dogs and as of November, we are taking caring of my 82 yr old cousin we brought from California after a bad fall and trying to live alone. He is a joy and it's been easier than I thought. BUT no chickens for now. Take care and keep on keepin' on!

Ginger Dawn Harman said...

This might be fun for me to try! Thank you so much for sharing!

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

I like the simple pleasures too, can't get any better! I'll check out your recipe since I do make my own too!

Regine Karpel said...


craftyles said...

Beautiful post. I love that you "majored" in Homemaking. It's a wonderful major and you do it well.

Kris said...

Hi Maryjane. I love to make soap too. Makes me feel like my grandmother's days, of a much simpler life. I too am a fan of using the clothes line. We are kindred spirits!
xo Kris

Grantham Lynn said...

I found you last night. And then couldn't find you again! I enjoyed visiting. I just made soap from the recipe I usually use but wanted to come back and check yours again. I think it's basically the same. We'll see. Ok. I'm looking for a button to put on my blog so I can find you until I remember your cute name. I'll be back around. I'm writing a book review for tomorrow if you wanna come by. Did you see my last Tues. Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty review?
Have a good week!

Grantham Lynn said...

Hi again. Well I think I'm using waaaaay too much. Basically the recipe was the same but it made alot less. Here's the one I used. I'm going to switch to yours gotta go buy more stuff. I have about 1/2 box of each.
1 Bar Fels Naptha
3/4 cup each Baking Soda, Washing Soda and Borax

It called for 1/4 cup. Wow that's alot compared to yours.

I'm switching to yours. I just made some so I'm cutting waaay down on how much I use!
I didn't find a button for my blog but I made one. I hope you don't mind!

Laura Lane said...

What a lovely post. I made laundry soap this week, too. Here's my recipe. I'm going to look at yours.
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage.
Do drop in!

Karen L. Bates said...

And you are a fantastic homemaker...I bet all those Grandchildren will agree!!! You are awesome. Love the pink soap...mine was never that color.