Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Changeable Family Bulletin Boards

 For years I added my children's & grandchildren's
 pictures, notes, cards, etc.
to the fridge or inside the pantry door.

I had a vision to clean it up 
and went on the hunt!

I found these large, completed bulletin boards 
at JoAnn's!
They were 1/2 off and I used 2 huge saving coupons!!!
I left the paint the color it was and just added
a little piece of chalk to each upside-down drawer handle.

Above the bulletin boards I added a sign
Families Are Forever
with the Los Angeles LDS Temple on it where we were married.
It was given to us by daughter Shelli.
 As you walk into our kitchen and family room,
you can't miss it on the wall.

Each month I will change out and put "new" news,
add pictures, update new school pics, etc.

I look and ponder everyday day at each family.
I thank my Heavenly Father for blessing Don and I so.
 Below is our daughter Shelli & Craig's Family
Ashley, Kelsey, Austin, Garrett & Blake.
 Below is our daughter Heidi & Shawn's family…
Chandler, Hailey & Asher ~ waiting for Asher's pic :)
 Below is our daughter Tiffani & Phil's family…
Mark & Eric.
 Below is our son Nathan & Stephanie's family…
Brayden, Sadie, Ridge & Jackson.
I love these boards and looking forward to
 seeing what the next month brings!



Cluck-Cluck McCluck said...

Wow--so gorgeous! You must be so proud of your wonderful collections ;)I love bulletin boards and chalkboards; we use them for our family moments like you and they are perfect. Also, the Los Angeles LDS Temple is a special one for us too...so many wonderful family events have taken place there for me :) Thanks for sharing.

Karen L. Bates said...

How fun! This is a great way to have your family close even when they are not always around. You must be proud, beautiful family!

Libby said...

I love it ................

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

I love the boards and what you did with them. I need one.

mickle said...

This a such a perfect idea! Love it! It's got me thinking :) THANKS!

corners of my life said...

This is absolutely going on my to-do list. Thank you!!

Barbara said...

That is a great idea. Think I'll try something along those lines. Thanks for sharing.