Thursday, September 24, 2015

Organizing My Jewelry

 For years I had my jewelry in individual zip lock bags
in ONE drawer of this "tallboy" dresser.
It became more difficult for me to find what I needed.
I was pulling out the entire drawer, putting it on the bed and 
shuffling through the mess!
By the time I found what I needed, I was frustrated!  
Knowing I needed to do something,
They come with the soft, fiber fill too!

When the boxes arrived shortly after ordering them, 
I dove into the mass of plastic bags, 
and began sorting & de~cluttering!

Under each box is its lid.
Great for traveling … grab, pack & go!
 Now when I open the drawers to coordinate
jewelry with an outfit,
it is quick, easy and a joy!
 Sometimes I find myself walking by the dresser,
can't help myself and have to take a peek!
 Also by being able to see all my jewelry,
I will see what I don't use overtime and can pass it along.
Like we do with clothing.
 Just trying to make life a little easier,
one step at a time!

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