Monday, August 10, 2015

Miniature Tea Cup Succulents

 I am addicted to miniature succulents!

While visiting one of my favorite antique shops Cottage Charm,
I spotted these adorable creations!
Cerine and Christy make them.

I had to bring several home and since these pics were taken, 
I have collected more.
Tiny succulents in crystal creamers, ceramic baskets …
 silver gravy boats, pretty china creamers…
 clear glass tea cups & saucers …
 and more … 
 endless china creamers …

 They have bloomed tiny flowers 
since I took these pics of white, pink and yellow!
 They are thriving and I am thrilled to pieces with this tiny garden.
I never knew I would love succulents so!


Bev C said...

Love them, they have so much detail in each plant, love your collection Maryjane.

Happy days.

Bernideen said...

Yes - those are darling and creative!

Stacey said...

How cute! When you put them in the little tea cups it completely changes the look of the plants. They are no longer desert looking...they are cottagey. :)

Cozy Little House said...

Aw Maryjane, they're all adorable! Where were these succulents years ago? It's like they were just created or something. I don't recall them and I've always had plants.

Kristina said...

Those are adorable. I bet I could give one to my daughter who will be living in a college dorm soon - perfect size for some "home" away from home. I will have to see if they are allowed to have plants in the dorm.

miss ann said...

I've got lots of empty teacups...hmmmm. Those are really cute!!!!

GerryART said...

Oh! My! Gosh!
I just bought my first succulents ! ! !
Have been pondering how to pot them.
And here you are this morning giving me the ABsoLUTely BEST solution ! ! ! !
Your posts are the best
always making my day a little better!
hugs 'n smiles,

Have a Daily said...

So cute and I love how you have corralled them on the silver trays! I am a sucker for succulents as well. In fact, been going to do a post about mine, but hasn't happened yet.

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

What a great idea! We live in a rental house, and there are "hen-and-chicks" succulents all over the front flower bed. I've always thought they were so cute, so I've enjoyed them here. Now I think I'll grab some pretty tea cups next time I see some I like at a thrift store, and move a few of the "little hens" to a table on the back deck. Then I can take them with me if and when we move to another house.

Katmom said...

These are soooo very adorable!