Monday, August 17, 2015

Freezing Fresh Eggs

Many times my hens eggs add up, so I give them away. 
Recently, I have noticed on a few chicken blogs 
that we can freeze eggs!
I thought how perfect that will be for 
the winter months when my hens lay less.

Perfect for baking, fried egg sandwiches,
scrambled eggs … the list goes on.
Sweet Myrtle 

Getting some help from some of my favorite
chicken blogs 
I went to work!
 I took 2 dozen eggs and washed them with 
luke~warm water & mild soap.
 I set up my station to make it fast and easy.

I bought these silicone trays HERE.
You can also use a muffin tin or ice trays.
I cracked an egg in each divider.
I sprinkled a dash of salt on each egg, covered, and put into the freezer.

*The yolk can gel, thicken or becomes grainy when frozen,
so the salt slows down the process.
You do not have to use the salt.

The next batch I will try it without.
More details on this topic is on blogs listed above.
After they were completely frozen I popped them out,
and put them in freezer bags for future baking.

Thaw overnight in fridge
or under COLD water. 
As I use them up, I will freeze more!

They last up in the freezer for 6+ months.
Clean up was easy breezy!
Until next time, have a wonderful day!

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