Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Make Everything Around You Beautiful

  "Make everything around you beautiful".
I try to do that, even with a kitchen drawer full of pretty potholders!
I added a new collection of potholders to my 
All reversible and cute as can be!

Sewing with different fabrics always takes me down memory lane…
I truly love to sew!
I have been sewing since I was 12 years old.
My parents bought my first sewing machine when I was 14, 
and my Grandfather Carnie made a beautiful sewing table out of cherry wood.
I still have both.
"Sew" retro!
 They are thick, durable and a very nice quality.
My crochet dishcloths go along perfectly with them, don't ya think?!

Roses remind me of growing up. 
We had a white picket fence lined with roses of all different colors.
Thanks to my Mother & Grandmother's, I love roses too!
I have added some of my rose garden to my shop for you!


Pat said...

I can remember standing beside my mother watching her sew. I got my first sewing machine when I was about 11 or 12. I sold that machine when I moved to Europe but I wish I still had it. Sewed great. Your potholders are so pretty. I wouldn't ever want to use them in case they got dirty. :)

NanaDiana said...

Those ARE ALL beautiful. I bet they fly out of the shop! xo Diana

Terra said...

Your potholders are lovely and I will take a look at your shop.

Karen L. Bates said...

Oh, my, you have so much fun! I amnot a pastel person but I just love all those fabrics...awesome and your work is so perfect.

I too started sewing when I was very young, probably about the same time. My mother was a fabulous seamstress and of course, I struggled. But went on the make my own clothes and my family's when I was married. I think curtains, drapes, pillows, quilts, and place mats became my favorite things to make but I made lots of dresses and other outfits.

Kris said...

Those are beautiful Maryjane! I love to sew too!! But I haven't been doing too much of it lately, as I am putting my energy into learning to knit. And also fighting a nasty virus.
Hugs to you

Libby said...

Oh my goodness, so beautiful ~ brought tears to my eyes of "days gone by" and the memories I have of my grandmothers!

Have a wonderful day! I will now!!!!

Donna Erickson said...

I love, love, love these! I am going to order some. I have none right now! You are so talented !!!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Your potholders are so pretty!