Monday, February 16, 2015

"Egging" Each Other On

 As usual each day, I hear the loud 
"egging" each other on going on in our coop!
This is when a hen alerts and excites other hens to lay.
And as always, the dogs & I run outside to see and hear the excitement!
I grabbed my camera this time.
 They take turns but this time it was 
Nellie "egging on" Myrtle & Daisy!
 Right after this picture was taken, Nellie jumped on the small perch.
A few seconds later, as I was bending over taking close shots,
I feel Nellie pecking at my bottom!
I laughed as she continued to peck me a couple more times! Silly girl.

The life of a farmgirl at heart.
I love my little flock …

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