Monday, January 5, 2015

Time to Reflect & Renew!

 The past few days I have found myself pondering and
reflecting on last year.

In doing so, I have great hope for
a sweet year ahead.

I have never shared with you some bumps we
had in the year of 2014 and tried to carry on 
with a joyful heart!

In early March my hubby was in a car accident and 
totaled his car on his birthday going to work … a woman was texting
A week later he found out he had prostate cancer. 
To say the least,
the next several months were intense but he came through it with flying colors so far.
We thank our Heavenly Father for the blessings He sent our way. 

All is well once again.
Lately, my head can't stop thinking about all the things I use to do & want to do, like 
selling my wares at marketplaces & in shops
as I have done for years. 
Keeping busy, creating, doing! But maybe this isn't the year for all that … 
"enjoy the simple pleasures" keeps coming to mind.
 The last couple days I have thought about the things that have truly brought me simple joy over the last few years …

* my hubby, children & darling grandchildren
* my faith
* serving others
* family dinners
* living a simpler way of life
* being a farm girl at heart like Grandma Sadie
* be grateful for what I have & not want
* tending to my sweet dogs & chickens
*making my own laundry soap (7 years now)
* enjoying my little trailer, most days just at home
* sewing, crocheting, & learning to quilt
*cooking with an apron on
* making all my gifts
* enjoy time with my daughters & friends
* BLOGGING ~ it has changed much over the years
and still loving it! 
I am going to make a book for each year(7)!
* keeping house
* gardening
* making wares for my little Etsy shop
* make & keep friends ~ I have some very cherished ones
here through blogging that have changed my life forever
* and truly living with a happy heart.

Sounds like a perfect plan for 2015!
Here's to a fresh start with renewed energy & 
finding joy in the things we love!
Have a wonderful day and thanks for visiting!


Sigi G said...

I'm so glad your husband is fine. Loved your list of simply pleasures. Yes, I feel the same! Thank you for your uplifting blog post.

Kristina said...

Beautiful post!

Karen L. Bates said...

You do indeed have much to be thankful for...great news about hubby. Loved the photos. I too am slowing down and doing the simple more etsy and that will even give me more time to sell stuff on ebay..sheesh, can you believe I just said that?

Kris said...

Maryjane, I am so sorry to hear that your husband has had to deal with health issues. But of course, so happy to know that he is well now. We too have had a couple of very trying years. I choose joy. I choose happy. There is always much to appreciate. Here's to a wonderful 2015!!
XO Kris

Lani said...

Awwww, sweet Maryjane! i love your post, and am so glad to know that Don is doing ok. I too am feeling the need to make life simpler and to enjoy time with my girls and their families. Hope to get to So Cal for a visit in the next few months. Would love to go to lunch with you dear friend! Much love and many hugs!!

mickle said...

Thank you for these thoughts for the new year. I think many times we all have trials and heart aches and for whatever the reason, we have to tuck them inside and put on a smile and carry on -- Then with the blessings of Heavenly Father, we DO carry on and the days become brighter as we trust in His care and love for each one of us. Your blog sure brightens my day as I too struggle with trials, family, and every day life. But that's why we are here! Thanks again. xo

Julie's jots said...

Wonderful post!! May you have a blessed year and be happy in all the things you love to do!! I love your blog, keep it up!!

The Vintage Housewife... said...

My dear sweet friend absolutely crisp and fresh! I too whole heartily last two years has brought much us my dear sweet farm gal !!! To the clean possibilities :)

Now that dear banjo playin darlin man of yours! You mean the world to my hubby and I :) many many good thoughts & prayers your way:) love you sweet maryjane !

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Hi, Maryjane! I just liked you over on facebook.

I just hate that ole cancer but I'm so thankful for the advances being made and for the number of people who are kicking it! Go humans!

Had a rough year myself due to teenage drug abuse and violence but feel myself coming through on the other side now.