Friday, January 2, 2015

My Trailer in the Snow!

This little trailer has not seen snow
since the day I had her "trucked" down from Idaho in January 2007 until 2 days ago!

We have her camped out on the side 
of our home throughout the year.

I love her close by because I enjoy her even 
when I am not traveling with "ButtonWillow". 
I am still documenting pictures I took of the
"surprise" snow storm that hit here in Murrieta, CA where it NEVER snows!
It snowed several hours after I took these photos.
It is Jan. 2 and she still has snow on top!
Won't need to use the air conditioning for a while!
This sweet 58 year old (1957) trailer weathered the storm well …
I hope I do as well!
I have done a re~do on the inside that I need to unveil soon! 


June said...

Isn't the weather crazy Maryjane? Here you are getting snow in California and here in snow country we have only gotten 10" total so far. Your little gem looks happy covered in white!
sending love...

Elaine Lewis said...

Yep you guys sure got a bit of snow. I have been loving this weather.

Farrah said...

That is so cool (pun intended)!

Happy New Year!

Sam I Am...... said...

Oh! You lucky! I love snow! How pretty....but stay warm.

Mrs R said...

Maryjane, I found your blog through Barb's. Your trailer is so adorable! I hope your snow melts soon.

Debby said...

I read someone's blog that said they stayed up til the wee hours playing in the snow. I imagine you were pretty shocked that it snowed. We haven't had any here in Ohio for about 6 weeks. Happy New Year.

Trisha said...

I love that your sweet trailer came from Idaho! Our 67 Oasis looks so at home in the snow in our driveway. Happy New Year!


Seawashed Living said...

Its soooo fun! And she is adorable.

Kris said...

Wasn't that storm something! I love your photos of your trailer in the snow. I feel so honored that I have not only seen your little trailer, but been inside too. Can't wait to see the reveal!!
xo Kris

Annie said...

How very exciting to have snow.

Kristina said...

I love the camper. I have not convinced Hubby to invest in one like that yet. Although we do have a pop-up camper and go camping a lot. You'd enjoy the ornament I crocheted this past's a camper! I made myself one and absolutely love it.

mickle said...

I'm just 'green all over" when I see this adorable trailer. As I've said before..... maybe some day :) We are having COLD and none of our drifts are melting but that's WINTER IN UTAH! Now comes the dreaded inversion. No snow or wind to blow it out. We had the 40MPH winds for days and now nuttin. So we stay inside a lot. Love you dear friend!

Junkchiccottage said...

It is so crazy you are getting snow out there. We are finally getting some today. Not much but a little in Chicago. Last year we were already at 40+ inches at this time. So I am not complaining to see the snow coming today. Crazy! Love your glamper so sweet even with her snow covering.

GerryART said...

We're in mid-MO
And no snow to speak of at all
Just one day of an inch of snow that melted by the afternoon. But SNOW will come ‼️

Had a lovely trailer that we turned into a photo darkroom.
Ohhhhh, wish we still had her :-(
Am excited to see what you've created foe your lovely this time‼️‼️

Enjoy your snow


vintage girl at heart said...

she sure is a lovely beauty!
stay warm. isn't unexpected snow just so magical!?
Happy New Year!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

your little red trailer sure pops in the contrast of all the white! looking forward to seeing your redo and that french toast looks darn right amazing!!!

BethBoothe said...

Cannot wait to see!!!!!!!
LOVE your Camper!!!!!!!

Art and Sand said...

We are in Ventura so we didn't get snow, but it was COLD. And then today it was HOT. Crazy.

I am visiting via Sunny Simple Life.