Friday, January 2, 2015

My Trailer in the Snow!

This little trailer has not seen snow
since the day I had her "trucked" down from Idaho in January 2007 until 2 days ago!

We have her camped out on the side 
of our home throughout the year.

I love her close by because I enjoy her even 
when I am not traveling with "ButtonWillow". 
I am still documenting pictures I took of the
"surprise" snow storm that hit here in Murrieta, CA where it NEVER snows!
It snowed several hours after I took these photos.
It is Jan. 2 and she still has snow on top!
Won't need to use the air conditioning for a while!
This sweet 58 year old (1957) trailer weathered the storm well …
I hope I do as well!
I have done a re~do on the inside that I need to unveil soon! 

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