Wednesday, December 31, 2014

SNOW in Southern California!

We have lived here for 9 years and 
it has never snowed!
It snowed today from 11pm to 5am!
Two little rose buds on this bush!
We had so much fun!
Now those of you who have snow might not
understand this but …
We were up all night playing in it with our kids and grandchildren!

We could hear other families playing in it throughout our neighborhood!!!
Talking to neighbors and making snowmen on the front lawn at 3:45am was a hoot!
Hubby & I went to bed at 5:30am after they all went home!
Yes, this is an unusual snow blast that hit our area.
Our palm trees could not hold all the snow
and broke, which made me sad.
We lost lots of big branches off other trees too.
It surly has been a winter wonderland and
the snow has stayed all day! 
Join us for a swim anyone?!
We have been giddy about it all day!
It has been so cold I am sure we will have snow for a couple days.
A few more pictures soon!

Baby it's **COLD** outside!



angie said...

all love and a happy new year !!!!! love greetings from angie from Germany

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Seriously ..I'll admit I'm jealous .. we got nothing but rain on our side of the freeway which of course we need so I'm thankful !

..I prayed all night we would get snow ..and when I got up and found out you all got snow I was happy for you all but so sad we didn't .. thanks for the picts ..I'm so enjoying them.. how cool, your house is a winter wonderland !


Seawashed Living said...

Wow wow wow!!! It's freezing here in Nor Ca but no snow for us!!! What a way to enter the New Year. Enjoy.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh BRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrr!!!!! Say what!? Snow in your neck of the woods is unheard of. Last time we had snow here in No. Cali's Central Valley was when I was in high school...and that was many moons again - many, I say! What fun you all must have been having. I can hear the giggles up here.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Baby, it's cold outside here. Dropping to 28 here tonight, but no snow.


Mary said...

WOW. I know your excitement. I grew up in So. Calif. (San Gabriel Valley) and vividly remember the surprise of snow on one occasion. What fun you are having. You almost had a White Christmas! Enjoy. Blessings, Mary

Carla said...

LOL I live in North central Texas and we do the same when we get snow. Mostly because we are so happy to have snow and not ice. We see snow about once a year and it usually melts so fast that you have to enjoy it while it is coming down.

Ann said...

How fun for you and your family!! We usually get around 25" each winter but so far only 3 1/2. Our Texas relatives really wanted it to snow when they were here for Christmas but I'm afraid we had none. I can just picture everyone out building snowmen in the middle of the night!!! Enjoy

Kris said...

Isn't that something!!! We got snow very near us too. Beautiful pics! I love that you played in it all night!!

Junkchiccottage said...

Wow Maryjane how wild for you guys to get snow! How fun though. We are use to that white stuff in Chicago land but so far this winter no snow just cold for us. Enjoy. Happy New Year.

Susan Dietz said...

What fun! We are in Oregon, it's cold, but no snow for us. Sounds like you all had a ball playing all night.:) Happy New Year!

Jackie Lee said...

Hi there!
I'm in Menifee, CA and was on the wrong side of town for the lovely surprise snow. We took a couple of our grandchildren out looking for a place to let them see snow for the first time and they had such fun! Are you nearby?

Starletta Schipp said...

Whaaaat? We haven't even had snow in Indiana yet....

I remember when my uncle moved back home from California and he went right outside without a coat and walked and walked and walked in that first snow that year.