Wednesday, December 31, 2014

SNOW in Southern California!

We have lived here for 9 years and 
it has never snowed!
It snowed today from 11pm to 5am!
Two little rose buds on this bush!
We had so much fun!
Now those of you who have snow might not
understand this but …
We were up all night playing in it with our kids and grandchildren!

We could hear other families playing in it throughout our neighborhood!!!
Talking to neighbors and making snowmen on the front lawn at 3:45am was a hoot!
Hubby & I went to bed at 5:30am after they all went home!
Yes, this is an unusual snow blast that hit our area.
Our palm trees could not hold all the snow
and broke, which made me sad.
We lost lots of big branches off other trees too.
It surly has been a winter wonderland and
the snow has stayed all day! 
Join us for a swim anyone?!
We have been giddy about it all day!
It has been so cold I am sure we will have snow for a couple days.
A few more pictures soon!

Baby it's **COLD** outside!


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