Monday, September 8, 2014

Chicken Treat Center!

I have in the corner of my family room a 
"chicken treat center"!

Early each morning as dawn is breaking you will
find me here gathering a morning treat for my sweet hens.

I made the chicken scratch myself!
Recipe below.
I bought the containers at a local antique shop.
This vendor takes vintage parts and makes wooden lids! 
So clever and I love them!
I keep the chicken scratch and first~aid supplies in them.
The table is a old farm "bin" table with big drawers underneath
that use to hold flour & sugar.
I have more chicken supplies in the drawers.
This is the healthy scratch I make:

I buy everything at WinCo except for the dried mealworms.
I buy a those at Kahoots, a feed store.

I take a clear vegetable bag and fill each 1/2 full of:

*wild bird seed
*raw black oil sunflower seeds
*raw shelled sunflower seeds, no salt
*couple big handfuls of oats
& large bag of dried mealworms.
They love it!

Have a wonderful day!

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