Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Little Chicken Run!

The little chicken run is done!
Hubby did a great job on it.
They really do run in it too!
They start from the inside of the coop 
and come flying~running out.
A hoot to watch!

I could sit all day watching them and 
yes, that is a chicken swing!

We used a cleaned construction sand 
for both the run & coop.
We bought it at a local sand and rock business
and had it delivered.

Sooo easy to clean up the poop and 
keeps their feet clean and nails trimmed.  
We made this so predator proof
a lizard can't even get in the run or inside
 the fenced part of the coop!
Sealed tight like a jar.
All is safe day and night for them.

Myrtle, Daisy, Emily, Nellie & Kate 
are now 4 months old.
We have a little while yet for egg laying.

We will patiently wait for fresh eggs!

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