Saturday, May 3, 2014

Huge Emu Eggs!

Emu Eggs!
(not Ostrich eggs which are larger and white)

Emu are large flightless birds that can reach 6.5 feet in height, 
3 feet in width at shoulders
 and weigh up to 135 pounds.
 Yes, that is my hand holding one of the eggs.
It's huge and heavy!
I love this vintage picture of a women riding a Emu. 
This bird is like an Ostrich, but smaller.

Since I wanted to use them for display my hubby
drilled two holes so I could blow the egg yolk out…
I did get a little winded doing so!
The egg wasn't much smaller then the bowl!
The yolk was probably equal to 6 or so chicken eggs!
I was amazed how much came out!!!
I wouldn't even know what to bake with that much.
A baby Emu

The shell is so hard I can't imagine a chick having to break out of it.
Talking about a hard birth!
They look like an avocado don't you think?
Couldn't resist! 
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