Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Frozen Treat Ring for the Chickens!

I love Pinterest!
I have learned so many things about raising backyard chickens.

I read to keep an eye on your chickens closely when it heats up about 85 degrees.

One thing to keep your chickens cool is making a 
Frozen Treat Ring! 
I added some corn & wheat spouts I grew to the bottom of a bunt pan.
Cover with water, freeze.
Then I added watermelon & apples. Cover with water, freeze.

Easy breezy!

The next one I will add dried worms & a few sunflower seeds.
Add what ever your chickens love!
All natural and healthy for your chickens.
Myrtle is always the first to check things out.
Daisy is next, then Emily, Nellie, then shy Kate.
Just checked in with them … picking away at it!

It should keep them busy for awhile.

Already started another one for tomorrow.
We will be in the 90's all week!

Stay cool and have a great day!

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