Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Easy to Make Emergency Preparedness Candle!

I gave a class for the women of my church in my home on ideas for 
Emergency Preparedness
One of the ideas I shared was this candle made out of vegetable shortening 
I have seen on Pinterest over and over again.

It is awesome and works for hours on end!
I bought the wicks on eBay and
the vegetable shortening at Walmart.
The vegetable shortening can I bought is a medium size and 
should burn for 40+++ hours.

1. Open can of vegetable shortening. The bigger the can, the longer it will last.

2. Insert candle wick with a dowel or scissors into the center of the can. 
(I pinched the bottom of wick with scissors and pushed the wick to the bottom of can). 
If the can has a large diameter, multiple wicks can be inserted. 
(I used 2 wicks as shown). Leave quarter of an inch of wick showing above the can 
to make sure the flame is a manageable size.

3. Even out the top of the vegetable shortening so the candle is smooth.

4. Light wick and enjoy the candle!
I had it burning the whole class time.
After the class, I blew out the candle 
replaced the lid on it that it came with.

Ready to use now in an emergency!
GREAT Christmas gift idea!

I will be making them!
Have a wonderful day and be prepared!


Shirley Hatfield said...

Hi, Maryjane. I do a Relief Sociey blog in addition to my Zetta's Aprons blog. Could I share your candle tutorial on my RS blog? It's called Dear Sisters. highland12sisters.blogspot.com. I've let it lag, but the new presidency wants me to get back on the blog wagon...lol!

NanaDiana said...

SHUT UP! Are you serious?!?!! OMGosh- This is such a great idea. I make emergency packs for my kids to carry in their cars during our severe weather and always pack a candle and matches. They say a lit candle in your car will give enough heat to keep you from freezing to death-even with a window cracked a bit for oxygen. I am so going to pack this from now on for the winter kit. It is so cold here that it would not "spoil" stored in the car. LOVE this and had not seen the idea before! xo Diana

Kristina said...

Most cans today have cardboard sides on them. Does that matter in making these? Just curious. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Karen L. Bates said...

Who would have thought?

How are your girls doing? I have at least one rooster....bummer. He sure is handsome, however.

Connie said...

Hi MaryJane,
I haven't posted in a long time but still make your landry soap. In fact, every time I use my soap, i think of you. LOL
This easy to make candle blows my mind. Thank you for sharing it. You always have the best ideas.
Also, I love your little vintage trailer. I have always wanted one but since we have "downsized" to a condo, I don't see that happening. Your blog always brings back such happy memories of my childhood and love all your vintage ideas. Thanks for brighting my day.
(a young girl in an old body) LOL