Monday, April 28, 2014

Inside The New Coop!

Sweet hubby worked on the inside of the coop this weekend.
So pleased with his work!

He surprised me with the glass doorknob!
My heart be still.
The girls seem to love their new digs!
This week they are 9 & 10 weeks old.
They sleep well on the perch.
I did some research on perches and read they like the flat boards,
and it's better for their feet.

Hubby will make nesting boxes on the left just above the perch.
Hello girls, come on in!
Got my egg sign nailed up.
Can't wait for fresh eggs!
I have found raising chickens is such a wonderful and rewarding experience.

I find myself outside more often and loving it. 
Just sitting and watching the chickens is a real treat! Who knew?!

Relaxing is good for the soul.
I am happy the coop is finally done.
Hubby will be working on a chicken run the next couple weeks.
They have a little small covered area outside for the time-being.
A little peace of heaven! 
Thanks Bunches For Visiting!

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