Friday, April 25, 2014

Almost a Chicken Coop!

Just the beginning of our chicken coop!

Tuff Shed had it completed in 3 hours! 
It's a little 8x8 ft. shed nestled between two palm trees in the center of our backyard.
To the right side of the shed we will build a enclosed chicken run.
Soon this little shed will be a sweet coop for my 5 hens.

Small windows to let the morning sun in.
The sliver~like insulation is to keep the coop cool in the summer,
 and warm in the winter.

This coop will be divided in half with a little screen door.
This big sign will go on the front of the coop.
Sweet Sara & Abbey from 
A few little touches …
I just found this darling crocheted chicken egg holder 
at a local antique shop!
Isn't it adorable?!
I was going to put this chair in my vintage trailer but it looks so cute in the coop,
especially with the chicken~wire backing.
I just bought these BOGS rain-boots to use when I clean out the chicken run. 
I bought them online at Zappo's,
 if you are interested in a pair.
Hubby is starting to work on the inside of the coop tomorrow!

I will keep you posted on the progress!

Thanks for visiting!


NanaDiana said...

How exciting, Maryjane!!! You will love it. When I was a kid on the farm it was MY job to collect the eggs and feed the chickens their mash. I loved the job except for two old hens that scared me to death. They would peck me everytime I would try to get their eggs so I would skip those two. My mother would be madder than a WET HEN when she found out how many times I skipped picking their eggs. lol Good memories! You will have lots of those, too! xo Diana

Red Couch Recipes said...

I am glad my 2 chickens do not have access to the Internet. They would go on strike seeing the nice new home for your chickens. Love the new boots too. Joni

Kris said...

How wonderful Maryjane! I have had my eye out for a shed to use as a larger coop as well. They are perfect for coops! You will have a perfect abode for your girls!
Just curious though, how did you keep your hens before? And what happened to them?
xo Kris

Delirious said...

Ohhh! I saw those boots pinned on Pinterest and I pinned them to my board. I am in the market because when I move back to the States this summer I want to prepare to get some chickens. :)

Karen L. Bates said... is going to be so cute!! Love the chair in there! Thanks for the kudo's! My girls (and boy) are very happy in the Chicken Mansion!

And I love my boots will get lots of use out of them.