Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Meet My Baby Chicks!

Meet Daisy, Myrtle & Kate!
Our new little peeps!

They are a (gold) Buff Orphington,
a (red) Rhode Island Red,
and a (black) Barred Rocks.
I have raised chickens before and
have missed them. So with excitement I am a Chicken Mama again!
I looked on Pinterest about different kinds of homemade brooders.
Last time I used a huge box, 
this time a playpen!

It is working out perfect!
My hubby added a wood bottom, covered in canvas. Perfect for deep cleaning.
I have them in one of our extra guest rooms. I put in a rocking chair and a cute, small electric fireplace! It's so cozy. I crochet and watch my girls every evening.
Here are my other chicks Grace & Flossie
We had 3 but Sadie ended up being a ROOSTER!
Here they are all grown up.
They were awesome hens!
These are some of the beautiful eggs they blessed us with each morning.
So looking forward to cooking & baking with fresh eggs again!
I love the quote from Tilly @ Tilly's Nest.
Her chicken blog is one of my favorites!
Now off to rock, crochet and watch my chicks grow!

Have a wonderful day!

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