Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chicks First Day Out to Play!

**A blogger asked if I really had green grass already?
Yes, here in Southern California I have it year round!

Daisy, Myrtle & Kate are growing!
They had their first day outside to play, and loved it!
I used our dog play~pen we use for camping to keep them safe.
I took the top off and turned it upside down! Perfect. Safe from hawks & crows.
They have been out each day for 2-3 hrs. 

We have got to get the coop finished!
It will have a chicken run, so they will never fall into the pool.
These pictures were taken last week.
We now have added 2 more adorable chicks to the flock,
 Nellie & Emily.
They are all from the same brooder batch,
 so they know each other and doing perfectly well together.
More pictures soon of all FIVE!

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