Monday, September 30, 2013

Homemade Popcorn in a Suitcase!

Last weekend I taught a necklace class to some "sisters" at my church.
We had many classes and called the event "Super Saturday"!
We were asked to bring a snack to share and at the end of 4 hours,
we had a buffet table filled with homemade soups!

I brought one of my vintage suitcases and lined it with wax paper and a flour sack cloth.
Then I made my HOMEMADE popcorn that has become a big hit for those who have tasted it!
For Girls Camp, I am always asked to make trash bags full of it! :)
1. I use a huge pot on the stove, turn heat up to med. high.

2. Pour enough popcorn to cover the bottom of pot.

3. Pour Canola oil in pot, enough to just cover the top of the popcorn and let it pop!

I do not stir it until the very end when the corn has come to the top. Remove from heat.

Stir, then add table or sea salt to your liking.

Everyone will swear you buttered it!
It will last up to a week in a air~tight container.
I just leave mine in the pot on the stove!

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