Wednesday, April 24, 2013

She Arrived!

 My little Featherweight Sewing Machine arrived!
I am SEW excited to finally own one. I named her Ida. On my Facebook Fan Page I asked if anyone would like to help me name her. 
Well, the names came rolling in and what adorable names!
She has lots of middle names. Ida caught my eye when Susan said "Ida, in Honor of her former home Idaho!"
These cute machines only weigh 11 lbs.
Mine was made in 1951 and at that time Singer had been making Featherweights for 100 years. Started in 1851.
I LOVE my new Thread Catcher I bought on Etsy, here.
Bright and cheerful!
I have owned a sewing machine since I was 14 years old.
I feel like a little girl again with Ida!
I plan on sewing some fun goodies for my 

**Do you have a Featherweight and if so, what year?**

Thanks bunches for visiting and have a wonderful day! 


ga447 said...

I got one for Christmas and it is 1951. My husband has no idea I got one.

Nanette Merrill said...

Beautiful Maryjane. I love mine. Enjoy it. I looked at the threadcatchers. They are all gone. :-(

Kris said...

She is a BEAUT!!! I have one and love her!!! Use it for all of my piecing!!
xo Kris

Lorrie said...

What a beautiful machine! Have fun creating! Love the old photo of the little girl intent on her sewing.

Supergoof said...

i got mine last year for my 50th anniversary.
She is from the year 1952.
She's lovely, but I have only tried her once. I'm a handquilter,...
Maybe some day,...

papa sue said...

Oh, Maryjane, you will just love Ida! I have a 1947 Singer Featherweight that I purchased SOTF Sister Martha Bubel, and I just love her. I have found it so easy to go to Sister events and take whatever I am working on with me. A bunch of us spent a morning sewing, crocheting and embroidering while at Kernville last year. It was a hoot!

papa sue said...

Oh, Maryjane, you will just love Ida!! She is such a cutie. I have one made in 1947 that I purchased from SOTF Martha Bubel. I love using her to make aprons and quilts. She travels well and last year at Kernville a group spent the morning outside sewing, crocheting and embroidering. It was such fun!

Delirious said...

I live in China. The other day I went to the little open market behind my house to have a seamstress sew something for me. I don't have a sewing machine here yet. I had been working on a project that just needed a little sewing. Her sewing machine had a foot pedal instead of electricity. That is very common here. It made me think that maybe I should buy one of those instead of an expensive electric one! Hers looked very much like yours but hers is new. :)

Mimi Sue said...

Lucky you! I hear they are just the best. Happy sewing...Mimi

Teresa said...

I love my Featherweight. It was born in 1953, just like me!

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

O.k. So I love the featherweight ..but I am totally in love with that pin keep scissor holdin thread catcher ..

Right now I stick my pins in towel that sticks out from under my machine so it doesn't vibrate.. my scissors get tucked under the cord but sometimes vibrate off into the floor ..and the thread well I forget the trash can and so it ends up in the floor where then Flossie picks it up and carries it through the house .. LOL ! So I need one of those thanks for sharing where you got it !

Hugs ..Sara

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

While learning how to save my blog tonight, a blogger's husband helping by telephone a couple of thousand mile away, he show me how to get back to my very first 2008. Once I had it down I began reading my very first posts and came across you. I was brand new at blogging and had NO idea what I was doing. I must not have even understood how to follow or anything...however after all these years, here I am. Rather late, wouldn't you say.
You left me the sweetest comment and the ONLY one I got that day..most days there were none so perhaps I didn't even look.

I have a tiny singer but it's not a feather weight..very old with all the gold markings and more. Tiny motor on the end. Very cute.
I have never used it as I inherited it and am used to using my portable singer of a much later date.
Your little machine is adorable.
I would imagine it is easier to move around than the one I have.
So...belatedly, like over five years later...THANK YOU for your visit and your sweet comment.
Forgive me for my ignorance about blogging back then

June said...

Ida is a little beauty Maryjane! I know you will have so much fun makin' stuff with her. Of course I LOVE the name :)
Have a wonderful week sweet friend!
much love..

Marie said...

Yay! A new (old) machine! LOVE your thread catcher.

Sleec Photos said...

Oh my goodness, I love this machine. Never seen one like it before. I do still own my child's Singer...still in the box. I don't think I ever used it. Happy sewing, dear Maryjane. OXO

craftyles said...

Ida is a beauty. I have my Moms from 1950-the year my parents got married and I love it. Have fun with yours!

Theresa said...

I learned to sew on my Mother's Featherweight. It's about 1960-61, but doesn't look much different than yours. I still have it but it has been boxed up and hidden away for 20 years. I need to get her out and clean her up and use her!

TexasBiddy said...

I have 14. They belong to me & my hubby. We hsbe one made in 1937.

Hershmeister said...

Hi Maryjane,

You have a lovely website. Everything reminds me of my grandmother's house. I laughed with delight when I saw Ida, your featherweight sewing machine because it's exactly the same as the one my mother taught me to sew on when I was about 12 years old. My mother and my grandmother each bought theirs at the same time and I believe that was around 1947. My sister now has my mother's and I have my grandmother's. They are just the best sewing machines.