Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting Ready for Market!

I am getting ready for The Vintage Marketplace!
Yesterday I made lots of pink glittered clothespins.
Today I will make silver ones.
I love all that glitter!
I tea dyed and hand-stamped the tags.
I am so excited about "aging" wood that I learned about on Pinterest using vinegar & steel wool!
It is amazing! 
These clothespins now look like they have been used on the clothesline for years.  
Writing on the table ... 
6 years ago we lost a precious young man Tyler, our sons best friend to a plane crash. He was like a son to us.
My heart still aches and I miss him dearly. 
A couple weeks ago as I was watching the new Marie (Osmond) show. A guest said they were sorry about the passing of her son. 
She said sweetly and tenderly, "It's okay...I know I will see him again someday".  
That pulled at my heartstrings. As I sat at my craft table with a full heart and tears in my eyes, I picked up a marker and wrote it down...on my table. 
It will forever remind me I will see Tyler again someday! 
I love when tender mercies come our way!
Come see us if you are near!
Have a wonderful day! xox

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