Friday, October 5, 2012

Bleaching Bottle Brush Trees!

I pinned "bleaching bottle brush trees" on Pinterest a while back and decided to give it a try! 
My goodness, I am so glad I did! I had fun doing it and love the results! 
I love how they look vintage now.
What do you think of my bleached bottle brush trees?
I even put a tiny tree in a salt shaker I blinged up!
Below is the process.
I used a medium plastic container, filled it with water and added 1 cup of bleach.
Left them in for 1 hour ... 
After bleaching, I rinsed them off real good with mild  soapy water a couple times. 
The final rinse I used water and some white vinegar. 
Vinegar helps get rid of any anything still left on. 
The trees are still wet in the picture below. 
I love how they look!
I have so many fun projects I will be using them for!
I bought a bag of 21 green trees at Michael's.
Have a wonderful day my friends!

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