Friday, August 24, 2012

Friendship & Knitting!

For several weeks now I have been taking early morning walks with my dear friend Bonnie. 
How rejuvenating a walk is and puts a kick in my step for the rest of the day!
Bonnie and I decided to take a knitting class and learned how to make these pretty scarfs. 
Today was our first day and this is the beginning of my scarf.
 I plan on making more for Christmas this year!
I only knew how to crochet but today I learned to knit!
This is an amazing yarn from Universal Yarn. This is Rozetti~Tundra Glitz
You can check out the wedsite here.
I LOVE the ruffles you can make with this looped yarn!
I had to snack on some Mary Jane's, (my name). 
When I was a little girl I thought these candies were made in honor of me! LOL!
I love using these smooth wooden knitting needles.
This is the scarf I am going to make next! So pretty and lacy.
You can find this yarn called Opus hereThey provide a FREE pattern for it too!
Have a wonderful day and share some time with a friend! 
You never know what you might end up doing together...knitting?

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