Monday, April 30, 2012

May is here...STRAWBERRIES!

It's May, so that means summer is around the corner! 
I love that lots of fresh, juicy strawberries will be in their prime soon!
Blogger of Delicious Shots captures summer strawberries deliciously through her pictures and recipes!

Here is the recipe for her Fruit Tart with Cardamom Cream and...
Here is her recipe for her yummy Strawberry~Orange Sorbet.

I will be making both very soon!
And there is nothing like Strawberry Jello in the summer! My favorite of them all!
Oh, did I ever tell you that my nickname since I was 5 years old is Strawberry? 
My Uncle named me that because I blushed all the time! 
I have family & friends that still call me STRAWBERRY! 
This little picture reminds me of my Mother and I in her PINK kitchen
Yes, my mother had a pink kitchen in the 1950's~60's! I am sure that is why pink is my favorite color.
My first kitchen guessed it, Strawberries! 
Strawberries will always be close to my heart!
Now wishing you all a wonderful day and a "sweet" month of May! xox

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