Monday, April 2, 2012

Lilacs & Lavender!

I love Spring! 
This afternoon my dear neighbor Jackie left these beautiful lilacs & lavender at my door! She has a green thumb that I admire so. Thank you Jackie! I quickly went to work setting up a special place for them.
She bunched the lavender up ready for drying.
These are California Lilacs. They smell heavenly!
This is my old farm bin table that sits at the end of my long kitchen island. I have had this bin table for many years now. I have used it in 3 of my homes as a entry table, a kitchen island, outside to serve during the summer and now where it stays, well for the time being!
I didn't notice this until editing this last picture ... my little white dog Samantha is in this picture! Can you find her? Hint: pink bow! 
Have a wonderful day & Happy Easter!

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