Saturday, April 21, 2012

Everything is Coming Up Roses!

We are having summer~like weather here in California!
All my roses are blooming throughout the gardens and it's so pretty to be outside.
I hand-washed some dresser doilies today and put them out to dry on the drying rack.
Closeup of tiny roses growing on my climbing rose bush.
I hung some little candle chandeliers  throughout the backyard. They give a sweet glow during the evening.
I bought them at a Flower Mart in San Diego.
This is a wonderful shade tree I love to sit under in my white wicker chair, watching my hens Gracie & Flossie!
Below is a sneak~peek of my "soon to be" summer berries!
Yes, I just had to cool my feet in the pool! Almost time for a family swim!
Since I have a garden/rose theme going on here, I thought I would share some more darling handmade pillowcases I just bought from Rosehip on Etsy! I am her #1 customer!!!!
This set is in one of the guest rooms.
Love her handiwork and these sweet prints.
Wishing you a wonderful day! xox

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