Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Tea Party!

My dear friend Kari gave another one of her beautiful Valentine Tea Parties! I am always thrilled to be invited. She is gracious, loving and a joy to be around.
This year she bought some darling heart~shaped teacups & saucers of different colors, so with that she ran with it!
***I used the "antique" effect to my photos. The photos remind me of the 50~60's when fancy parties were the norm! Memories!
Kari's beautiful home. 
Place settings...
My sweet, how did she know?
A little garland I made Kari a couple years ago.
The food...oh my! We each brought a goodie.
A few close ups...
Kari served herbal teas of all kinds and refreshing water with berries & lemons.
I loved stirring my tea with a cinnamon heart sucker! Flavored the tea perfectly...heaven.
She gave us each these darling heart measuring spoons. Each has a saying on them: "a dash of kindness, a pinch of bliss, a spoonful of devotion & a heap of perfection".
We also exchanged a handmade Valentine card. I forgot to take a picture on mine!
Thank you sweet Kari for another rememberable day. xo
You can see more of Kari's Tea Parties on my sidebar. Click the picture, it will take you there.

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