Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Gift Freebie Idea!

In blogland there are so many clever ideas that are shared! I came across a sweet website called Shindig Parties To Go! Oh my, she has cute ideas and a darling Etsy shop too! She is giving a FREEBIE to download for the bottoms of the Hershey Candy Kisses! 
I will be making lots of these!
Visit her Etsy shop for more ideas!
Enjoy your day getting more done for Christmas! xox


Anne Fannie said...

Cute gift ideas Maryjane!
Congratulations to you and Don on your newest Grand Baby!
Hugs, Ann

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Oh how adorable! Thanks for sharing! This site looks right up my alley! (Funny expresion!)

Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

I love the idea! So festive! I am going to visit the shop!

Happy Holidays!

Ali said...

That is cute beyond words. I'm interested in homemade giving more and more these days, so all ideas are welcome.

Ali x

flowersandhome said...

What a pity we don't have these Hershey's kisses over here ;-) Lovely idea though and so very colourful.

Elyse said...

hi maryjane,

how spectacular!

i just did a little online shopping for the hubs! offline -- i need to make some pretty organized sets for the boys' teachers. busy, fun, busy!

thanks for sharing, my FBM!


Creative Grammie said...

These are adorable! Amazing how just that one little touch will make these humble kisses so festive. I love the fabric along with the red and white bakers string that decorate the jar, so clever. TFS
A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

☼Carolina Artesanías☼ said...

…....... /)
……... ( , )
……..|░░░|☆ Feliz _(♥)_
…¨˜“გª¤.¸::¸.¤ª☆“˜¨¨Año Nuevo.

Tiffani said...

These are so cute mom! I want to make them! And the home looks beautiful and ready for Christmas. xo

Boho Farm and Home said...

Oh my goodness that is cute!

stricksonne said...

i love the idea!!!! greetings from angie (germany)

Katmom said...

MaryJane, Thank you for sharing this idea (Kisses in the Jar)... I made 3 jars, for sweet little gifts!
Hugz & Merry Christmas, sweet pea.